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How to choose a suitable parking lot entrance and exit plan?

Shenzhen, 31 August 2021 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Which parking system is better? This of course depends on the specific needs of the construction site, what functions need to be implemented, what problems are solved, and what goals are achieved. This is the basis of the configuration plan. It is difficult for people who are new to the parking lot system to make a more correct choice, because they may not have a complete concept of the parking lot system. They don’t know what kind of parking lot system there are, let alone which comparison to choosing. good. What kind of parking system is there? Judging from the current level of technology that can be achieved, the parking lot system can be divided into short-distance ID parking system, IC parking system, long-distance Bluetooth parking system, UHF parking system, LPR parking system, Anpr parking systems, and emerging applications of license plate recognition The parking lot system is probably the mainstream in the market.

  1. Short-distance ID parking system

    ID parking lot system adopts ID card swiping system, ID card is a kind of smart card, it can not write data, it has a fixed number, it can be used as a kind of identification. ID cards are low in cost and durable. They are widely used in some simple parking lots. However, because their data can only be read but cannot be written, it can no longer meet the requirements of smart parking lots. In addition, due to security reasons, it has gradually been used. IC card replaced. Mainly used in some scenes where there is no temporary vehicle, all cards are distributed to fixed users after unified issuance in the management center. The characteristic is to manage expected card issuing users, the card needs to be maintained regularly, and it needs to be reissued after it is lost.
  2. IC parking system

    IC card data is readable and writable, has high flexibility, large storage capacity, coupled with encryption function, high safety factor, so it replaces ID card. At present, the IC card parking system has become mainstream.
    ID card and IC cards are both short-distance card readers, the distance of the card is almost the same, the difference is mainly in the data reading and writing and encryption functions. In terms of price, IC cards are more expensive than ID cards.
    The IC card system usually forms a complete closed management system together with the card dispenser and the card swallowing machine together with the payment system. Temporary vehicles can enter the parking lot with the button to pick up the card. After paying the fee before leaving the field, insert the card at the exit to read the gate and leave the field. The fixed user management center issues cards, and you can enter and leave the parking lot by swiping the card on the panel.
    ID/IC card swiping and paper ticket systems have been operating in the market for many years and have strong stability. It is also people’s basic impression of parking equipment. However, it also has certain shortcomings, especially when it is raining or the parking location is inaccurate. It is very inconvenient, and if the user needs to take out the card con tactlessly, this solution is difficult to solve the problem.
How to choose a suitable parking lot entrance and exit plan
  1. Long-distance Bluetooth and UHF commercial parking systems
    The Bluetooth parking lot system is a long-distance identification system that uses Bluetooth technology. This Bluetooth parking lot system can realize vehicles without stopping. It does not need to stop and swipe like IC/ID cards. Vehicles only need to drive into the lane. The brake will open automatically, but this requires you to install a Bluetooth card in the vehicle. Usually, the price of the Blue Jay card is relatively high, and it is a very good method when there are a small number of users and no management is required. If it is more limited to a commercial car park, the economic benefits and management effects are not ideal.

    UHF is an ultra-high-frequency long-distance card reading mode. It uses radio wave frequency bands to identify and manage vehicles in the parking lot. Normally, the parking lot uses UHF readers with a frequency band of 3-5 meters to read the frequency. It is the microwave frequency band of 902-928MHz. Of course, different countries have different regulations on the microwave frequency band. This method needs to confirm that the product frequency band must not be re-posted or conflicted with the military and other frequency bands to avoid unnecessary problems.
    The equipment usually has 8dibi and 12dibi up to 30dbi optional and configuration.
Parking system lot
  1. License plate recognition parking lot

    Vehicle License Plate Recognition (VLPR) is an application of computer video image recognition technology in vehicle license plate recognition. License plate recognition is widely used in highway vehicle management. In the electronic toll collection (ETC) system, it is also the main means of identifying vehicle identity combined with DSRC technology. License plate recognition technology requires the ability to extract and recognize the vehicle license plate in motion from a complex background. Through license plate extraction, image processioning, feature extraction, license plate character recognition, and other technologies, the vehicle license plate number, color, and other information can be recognized. The current state of the art The recognition rate of letters and numbers can reach 99.7%, and the recognition rate of Chinese characters can reach 99%. The license plate recognition technology is combined with the electronic toll collection system (ETC) to identify vehicles. When passing vehicles pass through the crossing, they do not need to stop, that is, automatic identification of vehicles and automatic charging can be realized. In the parking lot management, in order to improve the efficiency of entrance and exit vehicles, license plate recognition is aimed at vehicles that do not need to charge parking fees (such as monthly trucks, internal free vehicles) and build unmanned fast lanes, free of cards, and no parking experience. Change the management mode of entering and exiting the parking lot.

    The biggest advantage of license plate recognition

    A: Non-contact entry and exit of parking lot entrances and exits.
    B: Intelligent database management
    C: High traffic efficiency and high safety factor, which can realize the comparison between people and vehicles
    D: Low maintenance cost, all intelligent management, convenient for networked central management.

    The camera is affected by the environment, and the recognition rate cannot reach 100%.
Parking System LPR

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