Daniel Roure Delights Jazz Fans With Latest Release “Quintessence”

Paris, France, April 12, 2021 – Jazz musician Daniel Roure is transporting listeners to the sidewalk cafes and lights of France with his latest album. “Quintessence” has all the jazz melodies fans will love paired with soulful lyrical content.

“Quintessence” features the talent of many musicians as well as the powerful voice of Daniel Roure. The sounds blend together to form romantic, smooth jazz melodies. All of this is overlaid with the amazing vocals of Daniel Roure. Each track is sung with a well-stamped voice, perfect diction, relaxation, and classic charm which is heard across the slow tempos. Jazz lovers will need to add this to their playlist, experiencing a new depth to jazz.

Daniel Roure was born in Marseille and is a singer, pianist and composer. His music is based on vintage love songs and French adaptations. Daniel released a successful album, “Le Temps D’un Jazz.” It garnered more 52 million streaming on Radio Pandora.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Daniel Roure for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show can make contact via the information provided below.

For more music by Daniel Roure, please visit:

Contact Information
VLS Productions (Vintage Love Songs)
Daniel Roure
0033 0664092561

City & Safari International Expands in South Africa

The Group’s Managing Director, Valentine Mgang has indicated that City & Safari International is a destination management company(DMC) based in Botswana that ground handles international MICE business(Meetings, Incentive, Conferences, Events) hosted in Botswana.

The business also specializes in experiential leisure travel in Botswana and the region. The business offers tailor made travel packages to various destinations in the region.

Valentine Mganga said they are excited as a company to be expanding to South Africa which has a bigger client base compared to Botswana. The business will be serving its clientele from Capetown and will be working hand in hand with the main office in Botswana. Both offices’ marketing activities will be coordinated to serve all markets that are targeted.

Both offices will participate in international travel shows like ITB (Germany), IBTM (Spain), WTM (England), including regional shows like Indaba (South Africa), WTM Africa (Capetown).

‘’This is a great milestone by City & Safari International and other group companies under Food Creel Pty Ltd,” said Valentine Mganga. He said the company wants to expand beyond the current two countries to more countries in the region.

He has however, indicated that the impact of COVID 19 has somewhat dented the immediate plans for the business but is hopeful that soon, the pandemic will be gone.

Contact Information
Food Creel Pty Ltd
Valentine Mganga

Book a car in Podgorica and Tivat, Montenegro with Respecta Rent a Car

Respecta Car is one of the leading car rental service in Montenegro with 10 years of experience, covering almost all important locations in: Tivat Airport, Podgorica Airport, Budva, Kotor, Bar, Herceg Novi and Ulcinj.

Respecta rent a car in Montenegro operates regularly despite the pandemic. Since most of the air plain companies starting their flights from March, we are happy to announce our full fleet availability from March.

Respecta Car has one of the newest and most distinct fleets of the car in Montenegro, sports, economy, vans, and hard-to-find vehicles in Montenegro. The Respecta fleet consists of new models of brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Opel, and Renault.

Free change or cancellation policy during a pandemic

Respecta car does not charge penalties for cancellation. We are especially flexible during a pandemic situation. You can cancel your reservation at any time, without any consequences. Also, you can move your reservation to another period that suits you. We will do our best to keep the price unchanged, and to get the same car.

A spokesperson from Respecta Car: „We are ready for the start of the new season. Since COVID-19 had a strong impact on 2020, Respecta car introduces new internal rules and procedures for 2021. Most of the rules are focused on safety of our clients. “

The Respecta Car offers:

Unlimited mileage – When renting our vehicles, there is no limit to the number of kilometers you can cross during your trip.

New vehicles – Our fleet consists of safe and new vehicles. Different vehicle categories are at your disposal for each of your car rentals.

Support 24/7 – With us, you get secure support 24/7 in case of any problems. At the same time, you can always get advice and consultation that is related to any detail of your trip.

No hidden costs – Transparently we present all the elements of the lease. In this way, there are no hidden costs that can be subsequently calculated.

About Respecta Car

Respecta is the leading car rental service in Montenegro. Offers you car rentals in the entire Montenegro, with a large selection of affordable cars and affordable rental prices. Respecta has an available agent at all airports in Montenegro.

Contact Us:

Name: Respecta Rent a Car
Address: Pera Cetkovica 10
81000 Podgorica
Phone: +382 69 457 564
Website: https://respectacar.com/
Email: info@respectacar.com

Anil Uzun Talks About the Future of Bitcoin and Alternative Crypto Assets

Bitcoin logo

London, United Kingdom, January 23, 2021 – Anil Uzun says, “I am largely optimistic about the future of BTC. The fluctuations are the painful path that will make the currency sound and a reliable source of finance in the future. Bitcoin will likely break $50,000 in 2021. I think anyone can see the trend clearly.”

Anil Uzun stated, “A lot of people are suspicious when it comes to cryptos but there is no point in resisting the trend. To explain the trend; Bitcoin was below $4,000 when the pandemic started back in March. It has been a process of gain since that period. I do admit that it is an unpredictable market, but the trend made the blockchain market more popular among the people.”

He continues, “The adaptation of BTC and other coins by fintech companies, and the introduction of coins to everyday lives forced PayPal to let its customers operate in coins. In 2021 and fort, we will see the coins become more mainstream.”

Anil Uzun also will talk about alternative crypto assets, such as altcoins and how they are likely to become dominant means of purchase.

Anil Uzun will also attend the Q&A part.

Who is Anil Uzun?

Anil Uzun is a visionary entrepreneur and investor based in London. He has an evangelical enthusiasm to support ventures and his companies invest in emerging technologies in trading, payments, and many other internet-based services. His door is always open to people who have integrity, openness, and a collaborative mindset.

Contact Information
Anil Uzun Investment
Anil Uzun

Local Businesswoman Picks up Prize for Best Executive Coaching Specialist 2020

At SME News’ fourth annual Greater London Enterprise Awards, the prize for Best Executive Coaching Specialist 2020 went to businesswoman Shweta Jhajharia and Growth Idea Limited.

Shweta is one of the leading authorities on business value building and this award adds to a long list of accolades she has built up over a decade of helping business executives to improve upon their leadership, management and business strategy.as

She is a respected speaker, having delivered keynotes at events such as the Business Show and Going Global. She has also written an Amazon bestseller, Sparks: Ideas to Ignite Business Growth. The framework her book is based upon, the 6M model, is her personal how-to on building a profitable business.

Growth Idea, led by Shweta and her team of specialist consultants, aids business executives in reaching the next level of growth for their businesses. Their High Performance Executive Board programme is built upon the established support of a board of directors and provides a higher level of support and accountability to SME’s, who may not have the resources or experience for this otherwise.

Along with the support of a selected board of executives, her clients also receive the support of a dedicated consultant and a team of experts in areas such as sales, marketing and finance.

Jhajharia’s other notable awards have included two prestigious Stevie® Awards, known as the “Oscars of the business world,” CEO Monthly’s Outstanding Business Woman of the Year, Top 20 Global Trainers and Influencers of 2020 and she has been ranked amongst the Global Top 30 Coaching Professionals since 2017, the first British-Indian woman to have reached this achievement.

The SME News awards recognises businesses that strive to be the best in their fields and that distinguish themselves from their competitors. Awards are awarded based purely on merit, so winners are recognised because they have worked themselves to the top of their field and are stand-out performers.

“I am delighted and humbled at being recognised by SME News for this award,” Jhajharia said. “This award comes at a time when many businesses may be feeling the strain but I credit, as always, the efforts of my team and my clients, for showing the fortitude to come out fighting and thriving as a result.”

Contact Information
Growth Idea
Amol Maheshwari

Dealer Scanning announced that it has become a participant in the CDK Global Partner Program

Peachtree City, GA, January 07, 2021 – Dealer Scanning, a leading cloud based automotive document scanning company, today announced that it has become a participant in the CDK Global Partner Program. As a member of one of the largest third-party partner program in the industry, Dealer Scanning is now part of a marketplace of applications and integration that CDK Global, Inc, a leading enabler of end-to-end automotive commerce, developed to help automotive dealers succeed.

Dealer Scanning is a leading, cloud based, document scanning technology company specializing in providing car dealerships with a an easy to use, customized scanning system for service and accounting departments, see repair order scanning demo. Since its inception in 2012, Dealer Scanning has helped car dealerships remove the inefficient, slow, and expensive repair order (RO) paper filing process, and helped turn 100s of millions of paper ROs into a secured and easy to find digital repair orders for all their clients.

“Our ability to fully integrate with CDK allows dealers to have an up-to-date, real time snapshot of their entire repair order document scanning process,” said Dealer Scanning CEO Cesar Augustus. “By joining the CDK Partner Program, we know that our clients can feel completely assured that all documents are being scanned properly and efficiently. This is very important, specially under a warranty audit.”

The CDK Global Partner Program provides its partners with access to a diverse CDK ecosystem through the ability to integrate with a range of CDK applications, as well as with CDK dealer websites. Dealer Scanning’s easy to use scanning solution and CDK repair order integration, allows users to easily find scanned repair orders, and accurately report on the scanning process, by showing missed scanned ROs, but more importantly by showing which warranty repair orders have been missed scanned.

“We’re very pleased to introduce Dealer Scanning as the newest member of the CDK Global Partner Program,” said Howard Gardner, vice president and general manager, CDK Data Services. “Dealer Scanning is a welcome addition to our vibrant program that provides dealers with a range of partner choices and the assurance that their programs can be seamlessly integrated with our applications.”

About CDK Global

With more than $2 billion in revenues, CDK Global is a leading global provider of integrated information technology and digital marketing solutions to the automotive retail and adjacent industries. Focused on enabling end-to-end automotive commerce, CDK Global provides solutions to dealers in more than 100 countries around the world, serving approximately 30,000 retail locations and most automotive manufacturers. CDK solutions automate and integrate all parts of the dealership and buying process from targeted digital advertising and marketing campaigns to the sale, financing, insuring, parts supply, repair, and maintenance of vehicles. Visit https://www.cdkglobal.com

About the CDK Global Partner Program

The CDK Partner Program now numbers more than 430 partner companies and 600 unique applications auto dealers can use to run their businesses. As part of the CDK ecosystem, the CDK Partner Program provides data and workflow integration to a wide range of third parties, OEMs and dealers. For a full list of partners and applications available through the program, visit https://www.cdkglobal.com/us/partners-list.

About Dealer Scanning

Dealer Scanning provides car dealerships with a simple to use customized scanning station to scan repair orders, deal jackets, parts invoices, rental agreements & vendor invoices. Dealer Scanning’s industry-only real time reporting allows dealerships to have a complete snapshot of their entire scanning process. Visit DealerScanning.com for more information.

Contact Information
Dealer Scanning
Deana Cruz

ING Studios Announces Partnership with NNS studio

New York – ING Studio is glad to declare their association with NNS and John James on a progressive undertaking in Colorado. The ING Studios group, with the best ability from around the world, is giving video and sound creation James ace and reasonable designs for a themed multi-modular fascination for the James family.

ING Studios has altered theoretical arranging, carrying restrictive advancements to the planning cycle.

John James and the staff at ING Studio not exclusively accomplished propelled work, however, they foresaw my necessities and had the option to retain and encourage the vision that we have for the turn of events.” James and his group have been engaged with projects at Universal Studios, Six Flags, Disney, NASA, Navy Pier, and numerous others.

Remarking on the cycle to date, John James, chief, stated: “We are satisfied with the advancement and expectation this undertaking will fill in as a model for capacity development, manageability, and positive social effect activities. We anticipate starting development after the allowing cycle is finished are eager to carry all year elite amusement to Colorado, with indoor and open-air attractions and solid network commitment to give admittance to the Dream.”

Water Treatment Chemicals Market Share, Size, Growth and Forecast to 2030

New York, US – With expanding industrialization and urbanization, water contamination is quickly turning into a significant concern region for governments and administrative specialists across the world. Consistently, enterprises produce tremendous volumes of poisons and harmful materials and dump them into water bodies, for example, lakes, waterways, and other freshwater saves. The greatest makers of such squanders are industrial facilities and force plants. Other than these, enormous volumes of harmful materials produced from business exercises and private structures are additionally unloaded into the water bodies.

The release of such harmful toxins into the water bodies has made the water totally unsuitable for human utilization. Subsequently, the administrations of a few nations are actualizing exacting strategies and guidelines that command the treatment of the wastewater created from business and private offices and enterprises before it is unloaded into freshwater holds. The order of these compulsory strategies is boosting the interest for water treatment synthetic compounds everywhere on the world.

The taking off necessity for water treatment is boosting the interest for water treatment synthetics in these nations. This is, thusly, driving the advancement of the worldwide water treatment synthetic substances market. Erosion inhibitors, coagulants and flocculants, scale inhibitors, biocides and disinfectants, chelating specialists, oxygen foragers, PH agents and stabilizers, hostile to frothing specialists, and oxidants are the most generally utilized kinds of water treatment synthetic substances around the globe. Among these, the deals of coagulants and flocculants were extensively high previously.

Subsequently, it very well may be said with full guarantee that the deals of water treatment synthetic substances will shoot-up everywhere on the world later on years, primarily as a result of the expanding water contamination in different nations, by virtue of the unloading of modern squanders in water bodies and the taking off necessity for treated water and consumable water across the world.

McKesson Fills Initial Government Orders for Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine

McKesson Empowering Healthcare

IRVING, Texas – As part of Operation Warp Speed, the U.S. government’s public-private partnership to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to Americans, and under the direction of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), McKesson began distributing Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines and the ancillary supply kits needed to administer them. After months of preparation, which included establishing dedicated distribution centers and assembling supply kits, the company is primed to support the nation during this significant healthcare challenge.

Brian Tyler, CEO, McKesson said, “We are honored to be a partner with the U.S. government and other private-sector companies such as Moderna to support in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and the ancillary supply kits. In March, our world seemed to change overnight. But with a renewed sense of commitment and intensified focus, we’ve come together across industries and forged public and private partnerships to help restore and protect the health and well-being of people around the world. With our exceptional group of employees managing the effort, we stand ready as a company to meet this historical moment.”

Key facts include:

  • McKesson, a global leader in healthcare supply chain management, is managing two different aspects of the distribution efforts in coordination with the U.S. government. The company is distributing all supply kits for COVID-19 vaccines, as well as the distribution of frozen or refrigerated COVID-19 vaccines. McKesson is not distributing the Pfizer ultra-frozen vaccine.
  • McKesson has a long history of managing the pharmaceutical and medical supply chain in the U.S., as well as handling the distribution of vaccines. The company has been the centralized distributor for the CDC’s Vaccines for Children program for 13 years, including during the H1N1 public health crisis.
  • The U.S. government is making all decisions related to where, when and how many doses McKesson will distribute. The company filled the first order from the CDC on Sunday, December 20. Our shipping partners should deliver initial vaccine orders at administration sites nationwide on Monday, Dec. 21, 2020.
  • Maintaining the cold chain is a priority for the company. Upon arrival at a McKesson vaccine distribution center, McKesson will verify that the vaccines were maintained at the proper temperature while in transit and will place the vaccines inside a large-scale, pharmaceutical-grade freezer designed to maintain proper temperatures.
  • The freezers are equipped with sophisticated controls, monitoring systems and alarms intended to ensure the vaccines remain within the appropriate temperature ranges.
  • After receiving CDC orders, from inside the freezers the vaccine doses will be packed into insulated coolers with specialized cold packs and a temperature monitor so the administration site can verify that the vaccine doses stayed within the required temperature range during transit.
  • For the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, the ancillary supply kit normally will be sent at the same time as the vaccines. The kits include alcohol prep pads, face shields, surgical masks, needles and syringes, a vaccine administration sheet, and a vaccine record and reminder card.
  • The company has partnered with FedEx and UPS, who will deliver the vaccines and ancillary supply kits to administration sites throughout the country.
  • Through Operation Warp Speed, McKesson partners closely with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the CDC. For the ancillary supply kit production and distribution, McKesson has partnered with the Strategic National Stockpile, which is part of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response within HHS.

About McKesson Corporation

McKesson Corporation is a global leader in healthcare supply chain management solutions, retail pharmacy, community oncology and specialty care, and healthcare information solutions. McKesson partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers, providers, pharmacies, governments and other organizations in healthcare to help provide the right medicines, medical products and healthcare services to the right patients at the right time, safely and cost-effectively. United by our ICARE shared principles, our employees work every day to innovate and deliver opportunities that make our customers and partners more successful – all for the better health of patients. McKesson has been named a “Most Admired Company” in the healthcare wholesaler category by FORTUNE, a “Best Place to Work” by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, and a top military-friendly company by Military Friendly. For more information, visit https://www.mckesson.com.

Contact Information
David Matthews (On-site at Olive Branch, Miss.)
Lori Dolginoff

Emisshield Inc. Granted New Patent for Thermally Enhancing Trizar® Fabrics

Thermal Enhancements Additives
Thermal Enhancements Additives

Blacksburg, VA, December 19, 2020 – Emisshield Inc.’s new patent, Thermal Enhancements Additives Useful for Fabrics, is a new invention that uniquely adds emissivity agents to enhance the heat properties of fabrics. Originally used for NASA spaceship tiles, these Emisshield materials can be added to fibers, films, and coatings to either keep fabrics warmer longer or to reduce heat buildup by wicking heat away.

“We have done an extensive amount of work on using the science of emissivity to bring performance to active clothing for both winter and summer activities,” commented CEO of Emisshield Inc. John Olver PhD. “The challenges of temperatures in outer space have been solved through using high and low emissivity materials that actively respond to heat. On earth, certain minerals in sand become scalding hot in the sun where other beaches the sand reflects heat without picking up temperature. We use the science of emissivity to engineer how fabrics manage heat.”

Traditional fabrics trap heat the body produces to keep you comfortable and to provide more warmth they add weight or bulk. By adding these unique Emisshield materials into fibers or coatings, these new space age fabrics increase warmth without additional weight or bulk. The additives actively absorb and re radiate heat to keep you warmer longer and manage temperature more efficiently. Testing shows the additional accumulation of heat in treated fabrics versus control fabrics range from 5 to 18 degrees depending on the application.

Trizar® technology has launched products using the Emisshield patented materials to provide high tech solutions for Outerwear, midlayer, baselayer, Denim, and even waterproof breathable films. “The goal of having more warmth without adding weight is attractive to everyone that spends time enjoying the outdoors or commutes to work,” added Brad Poorman CEO of Clean Textile Technology. “We were fascinated by the breadth of application of the technology and just recently had a break through with new yarn and fiber offerings that can double the heat accumulation of a polyester yarn.” FORLOH hunting just launched a “Deep Space” base and midlayer system using Trizar ® Technology.

Beyond winter applications that use high emissivity additives, Trizar® Fabrics also has a separate low emissivity product that reduces heat build up in outdoor activities and in the sun. Trizar® Technology was recently adopted by the Major League Lacrosse teams for all their New Balance® uniforms to reduce heat accumulation out in the sun. “Our patent covers the full spectrum of heat and UV challenges of fabric applications to keep you cooler in the sun,” says Olver. “Low emissivity products are commonly used in sheer films to make Low-E windows for buildings saving energy and keeping buildings cooler.”

Emisshield Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of Emisshield® Coating Systems. Our Coating Systems are formulated with High Emissivity Ceramic Materials that feature heat re-radiation capabilities designed for industrial heat applications over a wide temperature range up to 3,100°F (1700°C). Emisshield’s core technology was originally designed and developed by NASA for the X-33 and X-34 space vehicle missions. Since Emisshield licensed the technology from NASA in 2001 our materials have been enhanced, tested and proven to work around the world in many different intense atmospheres throughout the Hydrocarbon & Chemical, Shelter and Clothing, Iron & Steel and Glass Industries. https://www.emisshield.com

Trizar® technology provides thermal management fabrics for Outdoor, Consumer, Athletic and Home Industries. Products using high emissivity materials have been used by Ski, Snowboard and Hunting companies (Kjus, O’Neill, FORLOH, Levi’s, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Mark’s) to consumers warmer longer. Products using low emissivity additives have been used in athletic and consumer products to keep everyone cooler in the sun (New Balance, Endeavour Athletic, Quiksilver, Nepa, Callaway). https://www.trizartechnology.com

Contact Information
Clean Textile Technology
Brad Poorman