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Banditfide Mafia Inks Deal With Showoff Gang/Empire

Pittsburgh, PA, October 13, 2021 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Today Showoff Gang/Empire announced the signing of Banditfide Mafia to a deal with the trending imprint.

The deal was brokered by and will be facilitated with the assistance of 1Fly Talent Agency.

Today Showoff Gang/Empire announced the signing of Banditfide Mafia to a deal with the trending imprint.

The Banditfide Mafia coalition came to terms for a 14 track compilation album hosted by DJ Goodnight. The project will feature various artist from Banditfide Mafia camp.

Showoff Gang CEO Indo Haze welcomed the leaders of Banditfide via telephone from his Los Angeles Office last night saying “Im excited to have you all on board. You all have the full support of Showoff Gang and Empire Records. You all are in good hands at home(Pittsburgh) with my cousins Tjuan Benafactor & DJ Goodnight. They represent Showoff Gang’s interest on this project and many more Showoff Gang releases that are gonna come out of the city.” Then he ended the call with the labels mantra “Showoff”.

Showoff Gang/Empire announced the signing of Banditfide Mafia to a deal with the trending imprint.

The Official Signing party for Banditfide Mafia will be Tuesday Oct. 26th at 1Live Multipurpose Center 2600 Stayton Street Pittsburgh, PA 15212.


Extremely Rare Mughal Coin Listed for Auction on Ammbr, World’s First Numismatics NFT Marketplace

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, October 4, 2021 – /ExPressRelease UK/- Ammbr is pleased to announce the listing by NFT auction a numismatic rarity a revolution in Islamic coinage, the “Bird Mohur” from the reign of Jalal-al-din Muhammad Akbar, perhaps the most enlightened of the Mughal (or “Moghul”) Empire. This particular coin is a fine example and one of only two known specimens. Any serious numismatist, with the budget to allow them, would be proud to add this coin to their collection.

The current owner of the Bird Mohur, a private collector, has been in talks with Ammbr’s Director of Procurement, Sunil Bumb, for some months, tracking the spectacular growth of the sale of artwork using NFT.

Ultra rare bird mohur

Says Mr. Bumb, “Through experimentation with the Ammbr team, the owner of this spectacular coin, perhaps the best in his collection, is now convinced of the tremendous opportunities in NFT technology and the approach we at Ammbr are taking to the legal framework supporting the decentralised trade in NFT. As an early Ammbr Platform verified account holder, he is considering tokenisation of a large part of his collection as the numismatics market moves into the exciting world of tokenised trading.”

Chief Strategy Officer at Ammbr, Rakesh Rajagopal explains the significance of this listing. “We see a kindred spirit to Blockchain in the enlightened spirit of Jalal-al-din Muhammad Akbar and his acumen in applying innovation to stimulate and foster an empire, an economic marvel of diversity and sustainability in its day. Ruling an empire with a great diversity of faiths, languages, and cultures, Akbar was remarkably tolerant and took elements drawn from Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism as well as from Christianity, Jainism, and Buddhism and eventually bringing his own Syncretic religion called Dīn-i-Ilāhī.”

The listing of the Bird Mohur is a coup for Ammbr. Akbar issued very rare gold multiples of 100, 50, 20, 20, 5, and 2 mohurs as presentation pieces or diplomatic gifts. Few survive to this day, and none have appeared on the market in recent years.”

Collectors who wish to place a bid for the Bird Mohur may do so at the Ammbr NFT Auction site. Bids start at 688,001 BUSD –

The Ammbr NFT Platform offers a highly secure sales and auction channel, supported by seller agreements that ensure strong anti-money laundering and commercially sound practices that match the fast and frictionless trade that typifies the technology. A wide range of valuable goods is targeted for listing on the Ammbr Platform, including numismatics, gems, jewellery, watches, stamps, antiques, and artwork.

About the Ammbr NFT Marketplace

Ammbr is an Abu Dhabi based decentralised technology company that develops and operates one of the leading platforms that will forever change the way creative artists, celebrities, and collectors conceive of ownership and the trading of intellectual property and valuable goods. Such ownership can now be not only outright but also fractional, lowering the bar to access, achieve affordability for everyone. By diminishing opacity in favour of transparency of information NFT technology will modernise and democratise an industry that has largely been shrouded in secrecy and only available to the well-heeled operating in the rarefied atmosphere of exclusive investor circles.

Background of the Auction Item

The Mughal (or “Moghul“) Empire ruled much of South Asia for over three centuries. Mughal emperors accumulated vast wealth, with an economy based on a stable and abundant coinage in gold, silver and copper. They commissioned magnificent buildings and works of art – including some of the largest, costliest, most beautiful and most historic coins ever issued.

Jalal-al-din Muhammad Akbar was just 14 years old when he came to the throne. His guardian, Bairam Khan, commander of the Mughal army, served as regent until Akbar came of age. Lavishly equipped with artillery and matchlock muskets, Akbar’s army conquered much of the South Asian subcontinent during a reign of almost 50 years.

Ruling his empire with its enormous diversity of faiths, languages and cultures, Akbar was remarkably tolerant, eventually abandoning orthodox Islam as the state religion. The Bird Mohur features several of Akbar’s innovations to the coinage. The first is its weight. Akbar introduced the Mohur as the standard weight for his gold coinage at around 11 grams. He then initiated his own dating system, the Din-i-Ilahi (literally Faith of God). This calendar incorporated elements of the different religious beliefs in his empire. The Ilahi calendar was solar, divided into twelve months, rather than the lunar Hijri calendar. Months bore the same names as those of the Persian kings, corresponding to the feasts of the Zoroastrians. The first Ilahi year was that of Akbar’s accession in AH 963. On coins, beginning in 1584, he recorded the date in terms of his regnal year rather than the Islamic calendar, and he replaced the Shahada (Muslim profession of faith) with an Arabic phrase most religions could accept: “God is great, glorified be His glory” (Allah akbar, jalla jalalahu). He abolished the discriminatory tax imposed on non-Muslims, and welcomed scholars, clerics, artists and poets of many religions and cultures to his court.

Some of Akbar’s late coins ignore the Islamic prohibition on artistic depiction of living creatures: the specific item listed on the Ammbr NFT Auction depicts very rare mohur shows what is often described as a duck, but is likely a royal game bird, the hubayra, surrounded by a rich floral pattern.

Akbar died on October 27, 1605. His tomb at Agra, built by his son Jahangir, is a masterpiece of Mughal architecture. The British Museum catalogue of Mughal coins succinctly explains why Akbar deserved the epithet “Great”:

“The proof of the soundness of his system is the continuance of the Moghul Empire after his death, in spite of the follies and vices of his successors.”

Xperimento & Vikina Heat Things Up With The Debut Of Their New Music Video “Venganza”

MIAMI, FL. September 27, 2021 -/ExPressRelease UK/- -While the majority of us prepare for the chill of fall Xperimento and Vikina are heating things up with the release of their hot new music video, Venganza.

Xperimento & Vikina Heat Things Up With The Debut Of Their New Music Video “Venganza”

Vikina dubbed Miss 305 for her notoriety in the Miami music scene partnered with three-time Latin Grammy nominated Xperimento, the band known to the NFL as “The Face of Miami”.  Members from Xperimento hail from Cuba, Colombia, Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela creating a cross genre sound and dancefloor energy. Combining the unique vocals of Vikina with Xperimento’s blend of traditional sounds and the music of tomorrow this song tells the story of love, loss, and revenge.

“As a modern and bilingual Latina, I don’t hear enough music out there that I can identify with.” Vikina says. “I want to write songs that girls like me can scream at the top of their lungs and feel empowered by.”

The members of Xperimento have performed at world famous venues and with world famous artists including Ricky Martin, Prince, and Fonseca. They have been chosen by Navy Entertainment to play for our troops overseas at Naval stations across the world as well as representing Miami in the documentary Visit the USA additionally, they were selected to play The Tail Gate Stage at Super Bowl LIV in February 2020. Vikina has had worldwide success, she released “Borracha” with Pitbull and IAmChino in 2020. She has shared the stage with artists Farruko, Zion y Lennox, and Shaggy where she kicked off iHeart Radio Fiesta Latina and finished as a finalist on Univision’s singing competition Reina De La Cancion.

You can view their video here or listen to their new single “Venganza” across all platforms.


For further information contact David Parnes 917.930.6174

How to choose a suitable parking lot entrance and exit plan?

Shenzhen, 31 August 2021 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Which parking system is better? This of course depends on the specific needs of the construction site, what functions need to be implemented, what problems are solved, and what goals are achieved. This is the basis of the configuration plan. It is difficult for people who are new to the parking lot system to make a more correct choice, because they may not have a complete concept of the parking lot system. They don’t know what kind of parking lot system there are, let alone which comparison to choosing. good. What kind of parking system is there? Judging from the current level of technology that can be achieved, the parking lot system can be divided into short-distance ID parking system, IC parking system, long-distance Bluetooth parking system, UHF parking system, LPR parking system, Anpr parking systems, and emerging applications of license plate recognition The parking lot system is probably the mainstream in the market.

  1. Short-distance ID parking system

    ID parking lot system adopts ID card swiping system, ID card is a kind of smart card, it can not write data, it has a fixed number, it can be used as a kind of identification. ID cards are low in cost and durable. They are widely used in some simple parking lots. However, because their data can only be read but cannot be written, it can no longer meet the requirements of smart parking lots. In addition, due to security reasons, it has gradually been used. IC card replaced. Mainly used in some scenes where there is no temporary vehicle, all cards are distributed to fixed users after unified issuance in the management center. The characteristic is to manage expected card issuing users, the card needs to be maintained regularly, and it needs to be reissued after it is lost.
  2. IC parking system

    IC card data is readable and writable, has high flexibility, large storage capacity, coupled with encryption function, high safety factor, so it replaces ID card. At present, the IC card parking system has become mainstream.
    ID card and IC cards are both short-distance card readers, the distance of the card is almost the same, the difference is mainly in the data reading and writing and encryption functions. In terms of price, IC cards are more expensive than ID cards.
    The IC card system usually forms a complete closed management system together with the card dispenser and the card swallowing machine together with the payment system. Temporary vehicles can enter the parking lot with the button to pick up the card. After paying the fee before leaving the field, insert the card at the exit to read the gate and leave the field. The fixed user management center issues cards, and you can enter and leave the parking lot by swiping the card on the panel.
    ID/IC card swiping and paper ticket systems have been operating in the market for many years and have strong stability. It is also people’s basic impression of parking equipment. However, it also has certain shortcomings, especially when it is raining or the parking location is inaccurate. It is very inconvenient, and if the user needs to take out the card con tactlessly, this solution is difficult to solve the problem.
How to choose a suitable parking lot entrance and exit plan
  1. Long-distance Bluetooth and UHF commercial parking systems
    The Bluetooth parking lot system is a long-distance identification system that uses Bluetooth technology. This Bluetooth parking lot system can realize vehicles without stopping. It does not need to stop and swipe like IC/ID cards. Vehicles only need to drive into the lane. The brake will open automatically, but this requires you to install a Bluetooth card in the vehicle. Usually, the price of the Blue Jay card is relatively high, and it is a very good method when there are a small number of users and no management is required. If it is more limited to a commercial car park, the economic benefits and management effects are not ideal.

    UHF is an ultra-high-frequency long-distance card reading mode. It uses radio wave frequency bands to identify and manage vehicles in the parking lot. Normally, the parking lot uses UHF readers with a frequency band of 3-5 meters to read the frequency. It is the microwave frequency band of 902-928MHz. Of course, different countries have different regulations on the microwave frequency band. This method needs to confirm that the product frequency band must not be re-posted or conflicted with the military and other frequency bands to avoid unnecessary problems.
    The equipment usually has 8dibi and 12dibi up to 30dbi optional and configuration.
Parking system lot
  1. License plate recognition parking lot

    Vehicle License Plate Recognition (VLPR) is an application of computer video image recognition technology in vehicle license plate recognition. License plate recognition is widely used in highway vehicle management. In the electronic toll collection (ETC) system, it is also the main means of identifying vehicle identity combined with DSRC technology. License plate recognition technology requires the ability to extract and recognize the vehicle license plate in motion from a complex background. Through license plate extraction, image processioning, feature extraction, license plate character recognition, and other technologies, the vehicle license plate number, color, and other information can be recognized. The current state of the art The recognition rate of letters and numbers can reach 99.7%, and the recognition rate of Chinese characters can reach 99%. The license plate recognition technology is combined with the electronic toll collection system (ETC) to identify vehicles. When passing vehicles pass through the crossing, they do not need to stop, that is, automatic identification of vehicles and automatic charging can be realized. In the parking lot management, in order to improve the efficiency of entrance and exit vehicles, license plate recognition is aimed at vehicles that do not need to charge parking fees (such as monthly trucks, internal free vehicles) and build unmanned fast lanes, free of cards, and no parking experience. Change the management mode of entering and exiting the parking lot.

    The biggest advantage of license plate recognition

    A: Non-contact entry and exit of parking lot entrances and exits.
    B: Intelligent database management
    C: High traffic efficiency and high safety factor, which can realize the comparison between people and vehicles
    D: Low maintenance cost, all intelligent management, convenient for networked central management.

    The camera is affected by the environment, and the recognition rate cannot reach 100%.
Parking System LPR

New Montenegro car rental deals for fall 2021

Podgorica, Montenegro, August 26, 2021 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Tara-Car, an expanding car rental startup from Podgorica announcing car rental deals for fall 2021. As Montenegro is now officially back on the travel green list around the world demand from travelers is on the highest level.

Comfortable and affordable car rentals in Montenegro are a choice for many domestic and international travelers. The weather in the fall could be very pleasant most of the time, keeping the overall level of comfort journey through Montenegro.

Tara-Car offers premium and affordable car hire for long-term and short-term rentals. With the focus on customer satisfaction Tara-Car offering premium brand new cars like Volvo, Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota, Renault, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, etc. Covering all rental categories on the market, from the economy, mini, standard, minivans to the full-size and luxury cars.

Working for others, Tara-Car excelled all these years in providing exceptional service and gaining many clients’ trust. Today as a young and ambitious company based in Podgorica and Budva, with a polite and reliable staff Tara-Car providing you with the best experience. Service is reliable as they keenly focus on customer satisfaction, customer travel safety, and punctuality to the schedule.

A spokesperson from Tara-Car: “We offer and promise to serve you the best and premium car rental service, for both personal and business needs in Montenegro. Once you decide to try our service you can expect efficiency, comfort, and safety of our brand new car models and staff. We will welcome you in person at the airport, help you with additional information to start your dream holiday in Montenegro. Our fall deals are tailor to our clients“

COVID-19 safety measures

We are taking COVID-19 and disinfection measures to the next level. Providing extremely clean vehicles, with our internal safety procedure after every rental.

About Tara-Car

Tara-car was formed by young, professional, and experienced people in the rental car business. Together with our families, we established a new company that sets new standards and offers high-quality car hire services in Montenegro at low prices.

Offering a wide range of vehicles that meet every comfort and price needs. Tara-car also has the convenience of bringing a vehicle to a place that suits our client – clients can pick up vehicles anywhere in Montenegro. Our office is near Podgorica airport.

Contact Us:
Tara-Car rent a car Podgorica
Golubovci bb
81000 Podgorica

The Best Outdoor Activities In The Nature Park Of Piva

Podgorica, Montenegro, July 21, 2021 /ExPressRelease UK/ — Rafting camp Modra Rijeka offers the best rafting and outdoor experience on the river Tara and the nature park of Piva in Montenegro. With over 20 years of experience in outdoor and adventure tourism, quality enjoyment and vacation in amazing nature are provided by experienced camp staff.

Rafting in Montenegro with camp Modra Rijeka

As Montenegro is back on the green lists for traveling for most of the countries around the world, demand for outdoor tours is very high from tour operators, agencies, and individual travelers.

Rated with 5 stars, Modra Rijeka guarantees the most exclusive accommodation and adrenaline tours in Montenegro on the river Tara and the nature park of Piva. Located in Scepan Polje, on the bank of river Piva, in amazing nature you can enjoy your active vacation.

Tara river rafting is a very popular adrenaline adventure in Montenegro. Starting from the beginning of May until the end of October, every year around 20 thousand tourists go rafting on the river Tara. Rafting tours starting from 45 Euros.

In addition to rafting, Modra Rijeka offers various outdoor tours for nature lovers, from Jeep Safari Durmitor to biking, hiking, canyoning in Nevidio, and courses on the Piva lake.

A spokesperson from Modra Rijeka: „We’re looking forward to offering the best whitewater rafting experience on the river Tara, as well other outdoor tours such as jeep safari, hiking, canyoning in very popular Nevidio.”

About Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka

The camp is designed for the recreation and enjoyment of Montenegro’s wild beauty. Besides rafting, Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka offers a huge number of adventurous tours such as canyoning, biking, walking tours, jeep safari around Durmitor, mountain biking, cruising Piva lake, kayaking, etc. Camp’s accommodation in houses and bungalows built of completely natural materials, mostly of wood, and allow you to completely abandon nature and complete enjoyment.

For more information, please visit our website.

Contact Us:
Rafting Camp Modra Rijeka
Address: Scepan Polje bb,
81435 Pluzine, Montenegro
Phone: +38267017419

Tara-Car Launches New Website For Season 2021

Podgorica, Montenegro, May 30, 2021Tara-car is announcing the launch of a new website. With the new and improved website, they are welcoming the tourist season in Montenegro with the expansion of rental locations.

With the new website, users will have the opportunity to book a car easily in a few steps with possibilities to upgrade service with many add-ons. All you have to do is select the car you want to drive and the dates you desire the rental, and add special add-ons if you prefer. The Tara-Car staff will handle the rest of the process and welcome you to the rental location.

The new website has been designed to help customers find exactly what they want and to stress out the process. Cars can be filtered based on the category of a car, model transmission, fuel type, brands, and price.

Tara-Car in Montenegro a new website

To experience the website, please visit:

A spokesperson from Tara-Car: „We are very proud to launch a new website. Our success is a reflection that we take care of every detail related to our clients and our cars. You can hire any car easily through our website and get complete information about cars, prices, insurances, procedures and much more. We are your reliable partner whose service is always at the highest level of professionalism, regardless of whether it is a business, tourist, or another event.“

Working for others, Tara-Car excelled all these years in providing exceptional service and gaining the trust of many clients. Today as a young and ambitious company based in Podgorica and Budva, with a polite and reliable staff Tara-Car providing you with the best experience.

About Tara-Car

Tara-car was formed by young, professional, and experienced people in the rental car business. Together with our families, we established a new company that is setting new standards and offering high-quality car hire services in Montenegro at low prices.

Offering a wide range of vehicles that meet every comfort and price needs. Tara-car also has the convenience of bringing a vehicle to a place that suits our client – clients can pick up vehicles anywhere in Montenegro. Our office is near Podgorica airport.

Contact Us:
Golubovci bb
81000 Podgorica

Bring Your Designs To Life Now With Q-Lux Studios

Q-Lux Studios ( proudly presents their
curated and quality architectural visualization
everyone. With their years of experience providing quality services in the
architectural industry, all architects and designers can guarantee to bring
their drawings to life.

This architectural firm offers a wide range of architectural visualisation
services, including virtual
reality, animation, product design, and a lot more. They can
provide everyone with
360° Panoramas, Virtual Tours, and so forth, which can make
architectural plans look realistic and interactive. These compelling and
realistic designs can help secure bids and increase the chances of gaining planning
permissions. All of these are curated using their CGI’s that promises compelling
and effective visuals. They also provide their clients with a portfolio of
their previous works to give them a glimpse of the possible results they can


Those who will acquire their services will be provided with a detailed
process to guarantee exquisite and accurate results. First, their team of
professional architects will review the project and understand their clients’
vision and goals. This would enable them to see the possible areas of concerns
that they can improve on the initial sketches. Secondly, the digitising and
modelling stage will commence wherein the hand-drawn plans will be constructed
to 3D visuals and subjected to revisions as per clients’ requests. Thirdly,
once the 3D visuals are finalised, the rendering and texturing stage will begin
wherein the team will put more technical details to further enhance the plan
and give clients a glimpse of the final look. Lastly, they will proceed with
the final rendering stage where all the revisions and enhancements are applied to
deliver exceptional results.


Q-Lux Studios takes pride on their vision to provide clients with nothing
but the best services that are worth their money. For years, they were able to
hone their skills and explore more possible solutions to offer to everyone. According
to their website: “If your business is in
search of a professional architectural visualization company, look no further!
Qlux Studio specialises in providing architectural visualisations in the
interior, cinematic, and architecture industries. We digitally visualise
unbuilt structures by creating compelling and efficient visuals through
sophisticated computer-generated imageries


To learn more about their services, feel free to visit their
official website at to know more.

About Q-Lux Studios

Q-Lux Studios is one of the best design
visualisation firms in the UK today, offering a wide range of 3D visualisation
models to everyone. This includes virtual reality, walkthroughs, and a lot
more. All of these are catered to commercial, interior, cinematic, and more
kinds of designs. They have a team of professional architects who can also help
improving the initial design provided by the clients. Whether it’s a simple
loft or whole building construction, they can bring this into life digitally to
help you win a design bid.  If you have
any questions, you can call one of their representatives at 02089453727 or
visit to
fill out their contact form.

London Locksmiths Enfield: The Best 24/7 locksmith company in the UK

London Locksmiths Enfield ( is one of the
best locksmith companies in the UK that offers its services to residential and
commercial property owners. Their services include emergency locksmiths,
Burglary repairs, and security services, which their trained and skilled Enfield
perform. Their locksmiths are experienced and qualified to
perform any kinds of locksmithing services.

This locksmith
company is one of the best because of the quality of locksmithing services they
provide to their clients. To do this, they hire experienced and skilled
locksmiths in London, and who undergo training and discussions or meetings to
talk about the newest and advanced security systems to enable highly secured
properties. Furthermore, they are the best because they operate 24/7 a year,
even on midnights and holiday seasons. London
Locksmiths Enfield  prioritises
their clients need and requests. 

One of their best
locksmithing services is their emergency locksmiths. They provide locksmith
services to any emergencies, such as lockout services, lock replacements and
repairs, door and frame repairs, bike/bicycle unlocking, and many more. If
clients need prompt locksmiths services, they have 20-30 minutes of response
time, depending on their locations.

Moreover, London Locksmiths Enfield provides
burglary repairs. For clients who have recently experienced burglaries, their
locksmith will promptly provide temporary boarding up of the damaged doors,
windows, and gates. By doing this, they make sure that properties are safe and
secured. Furthermore, their locksmiths can also provide recommendations to
strengthen clients’ properties security.

lastly, London Locksmiths Enfield provides
security services, including CCTV installation, security grilles and gates, and
access control and alarms. Their professional locksmiths handle all their
services from start to finish. For clients with large properties, this service
is an excellent choice.

All their locksmiths are friendly
experts that can provide advice on home security, and they are fully registered
in the UK Locksmith Association Certified Locksmiths. Furthermore, their
locksmiths are insured with
£2,000,000.00 worth of
coverages. Clients are safe and secured at
London Locksmiths Enfield. According to their
website, “We go beyond the maintenance of your doors, locks and safes.
Our locksmiths can help you improve the security of your home instantly! Gain
access to a wide array of advanced security solutions for your London home and

Other than
locksmithing services, they also offer high-quality security products, which
are British Standards, at affordable prices. If interested clients need free
cost estimation and advice on home security, they should visit their website at

About London
Locksmiths Enfield

London Locksmiths
Enfield is one of London’s most experienced locksmith company. Property owners
who need to secure their properties should visit their company because they
offer the best 24/7 locksmithing service to their community. They are known for
their prompt service and reasonable prices. Since 2009, they have been
providing high-quality locksmithing services to their community. To know more
about their complete list of services and products,  visit their official website at Or send them an
email at or contact them via
020 8133 2166/ 020 7183 9147.

Hires Writers to Offer Essay Assignment Help Hires Writers to Offer Essay Assignment Help

Treat Assignment Help is the highly ranked online assignment help company to offer a wide range of academic writing, editing, and proofreading services.

The United Kingdom, April 1st, 2021- The best academic writing services provider in the UK hires qualified writers to offer reliable essay assignment help. 

“Treat Assignment Help has worked with hundreds of subject specialists to cater customized writing services. With the aim to become the fastest and most reliable online assignment help company, we have hired essay writers” said the CEO of the company. 

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About Treat Assignment Help:

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