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Montenegro Travel Guide 2022

Due in large part to its stunning, yacht-friendly coastline, Montenegro is finally emerging from the shadow of Eastern Europe’s Communist chokehold and re-establishing itself as a destination for the international jet set. It’s no wonder developers flock here to build new luxury complexes that take advantage of the view from every house, apartment, and jetty. Montenegro Travel Guide is about where to stay, things to do in Montenegro, and where to buy if you want to make it a semi-permanent getaway.

Where to Stay in Montenegro

There are a number of five-star hotels being built on the coast-a Rosewood near Budvar and a Ritz Carlton near Lustica Peninsula, for example-but, there are already two excellent options.

Sadly, the Aman on Sveti Stefan, the island it occupies, is currently shuttered, a pity considering that Sophie Loren and Elizabeth Taylor were both guests there during the dolce vita heyday of the 1960s. There is currently a nasty spat between the owner and island residents over beach access, so when –or, as some belief, if — the resort reopens, expect the ill will to linger.


This city is characterized by harmony between traditional and modern architectural styles and the connection between the old and the new, which can be explored and experienced in many different ways. We recommend visiting Montenegro’s capital and its rich cultural heritage and the archaeological sites of Doclea and Medun and Stara Varos. Learn more about what things to do in Podgorica during your stay.

A personal statement for business management is an essential part of the UCAS application

Personal statement for business management: How to Write it in 2022?

Almost certainly, UCAS is a name you are familiar with if you are applying to a university in the United Kingdom for business management or business school.

All applications in the UK are submitted through UCAS, which is a staple of the university application process.

A personal statement for business management is an essential part of the UCAS application process. This should be submitted alongside your choices of university courses.

There are many possible answers to the question of how to write a personal statement for business management

In this guide, you will discover the best ways to craft the perfect personal statement for business management school, and ensure that your application to university is as solid as possible. 

What is a Personal Statement for Business Management

Ideally, a document for UCAS should contain all of the information about you that cannot be conveyed through an exam transcript, or a list of grades.

When universities are attempting to narrow down who to admit, it is absolutely true to say they look at more than just grades. 

It is likely that the majority of students who receive university offers will achieve the marks necessary to gain acceptance. How does one student differ from another during the application process? For all the help you need, you can find examples online.

Undoubtedly, you should include a 4,000-character summary of everything you know about yourself, your motivations, your passions, in and outside of work, along with your future goals and dreams.

Check out our tips for writing a stellar personal statement for business management that will stick in the minds of admissions boards.

What Makes a Good Personal Statement for Business Management? 

Explain to the course organizers why you would like to be a part of it. Here are a few tips from our expert writers:

  • Planning – Don’t wait until the last minute – prepare well in advance to include all the key information
  • Time – A well-crafted personal statement is important and demands time to properly draft, redraft and edit
  • Language – Make your personal statement both unique to you and flawless in its grammar and style
  • Honesty – Do not exaggerate or include details that are untrue – you will most likely be caught
  • Editing – Have someone else proofread your statement for silly mistakes that could have been missed
  • Calm – Once it is submitted, relax. You have done all that you can and deserve time to unwind!

Why is Your Personal Statement Important For Business Management? 

The best way to stand out in the eyes of university admissions teams is by ensuring your personal statement for business management and university highlights the very best parts of your qualifications and ambition.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, where exams are being compared to predicted grades, you have never had a better opportunity to make sure you are recognized as an exceptional future student.

Essentially, your document is your university’s means of getting to know you. When the time comes to begin your dream degree course, you need more than the grades you end up earning. 

Make the most of your student years with a strong personal statement, and take a step into the future, with a clear and confident summary of yourself.

How to Start a Personal Statement 

The writing of a personal statement is more of a source of anxiety than it is a necessity for many prospective students.

There is a solution to these concerns, and you can submit the best possible personal statement for business management if you follow it.

 Neakin Announces Debut Soulful House Release….‘Feel It’ on Up Records UK

Exclusive to Traxsource 13th May 2022

Released all other platforms Friday 27th May 2022



Listen on release here >

Neakin “Feel it”

‘feel it’, is about trying to find the rainbow at the end of the sunshine, with the daily weather playing a big part in each of our life’s, along with the power of music, both can turn a bad day into a good one just listening to 5 minutes of music in the sunshine. If you’re dealing with issues, or feeling that you’re not good enough because of the weather or that, people might be judging you or looking down on you because of their bad day…this might make you feel sad, but it’s important to always be there for yourself and too not let other people, natural forces or anything get you down, they do say after the storm comes the sunshine.
‘Feel it’ is a piano vocal house track created by Neakin with this track; you can’t sit still for one moment,

You just want to tap your feet & dance which makes this track great for the summer beach vibes, a sure mover on the dance floor, party, or the Spotify playlist of hidden house gems. Full vocals on the track with catchy soulful vibes; add a dash of rolling drums, the warm groove of a bass line, with an added pinch of sun.

Artist bio:

‘’’Neakin is a UK DJ/Producer combining soulful house elements with summertime piano vibes.

He started his career many moons ago,294 full moons to be precise, with early large club performances, radio shows & club promotions over the years, Neakin has grafted his way around the UK. He realized after many moons, that creating & playing his music, helps bring him closer to people due to his daily struggles with ADHD, Neakin keeps recording & noting down new ideas constantly towards creating his own unique sound, combining rhythmic focus and unusual sounds & electronic characteristics that he brings to his productions.’’’


“This is the best unknown producer unknown” Anon, Music Mag

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night’ Terry Bull, another Music Mag

The Best Bouquet Ideas for Summer 2022

Even when you are wearing your wedding dress, jewelry, veil, or panto, you are a participant with make-up, and you still need fluff and flowers. It can be quite difficult. Do you agree? Is it a wedding bouquet, a decorative bouquet, or just cut ones? Or maybe just one? It does not matter whether it is small or large, if it is colored or not.

Wedding Flowers Bouquet idea with white roses
Wedding Flowers Bouquet idea with white roses

The Best Bouquet Ideas

Here are our best bouquet ideas suggestions: 

1. Me means better—the bouquet will not be the first violin at your wedding, and it will be like that, after all, you will throw it at the little lady, it will paint, and it will be a legacy.

2. The cacophony of colors and decorations will not be good for you, to match flowers with everything you already have on, you still require it.

3. Simplicity—a small detail, always brings effect. Choose something more and subdued, e.g., a bouquet made of one flower.

For more ideas please check

4. A good choice is when the wedding bouquet suits you, and you for the bouquet, if you have the daisies, take them with you to the wedding.

5. By nature which means that if it’s summer you can drown in poppies, cornflowers or sunflowers, and in autumn you can decide narcissists or steps.

6. Only roses—for lovers of this flower it is considered a leveling, there are many varieties with a captivating look and smell.

7. Tulips—simplicity and moderation in a short bouquet of tulips will add sparkle to you and you will not be sorry to part with it.

Tulip bouquet idea
Tulip bouquet idea

8. Leaves—when autumn comes, you can make a beautiful bouquet of them in unique colors.

KOOLX-ECO360® the newly innovated sustainable passive HVAC energy-saving and Air purification filters for Hotel Guestrooms

January 26, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/-  Greenotel UK has unveiled a groundbreaking new addition to its energy-saving guest room ecology program KOOLX-ECO360®, the newly innovated passive HVAC energy-saving and Air purification filters, it is a low-cost retrofit eco product that is developed and produced by natural refined special rare earth minerals with patent pending in the UK and USA. This passive HVAC Filters will help hotel owners in converting their air conditioners to an air purifier and energy saver that can reducing HVAC power consumption by 10% to 30% kWh., reduce carbon footprint and improve indoor air quality to provide a truly safe and luxurious guest experience during this global pandemic.

Greenotel KOOLX-ECO360

Hoteliers have been working on all possible ways on how to save energy on their building HVAC System and to improve the indoor air quality to avoid negative guest reviews and delivering a safe and luxury guest experience.

Other air quality concerns for hoteliers during this pandemic are about their Staff accommodation,  Transport to the hotel for guests and staff,  Kitchens, staff changing rooms,  Spa/swimming, gym, bar/restaurant, retail, common toilets, venue for parties / weddings / Conference rooms and other common areas of interaction between  guests and staff.

This signature range KOOLX-ECO360® passive energy-saving HVAC filter, which debuted worldwide last year, is made to live seamlessly in any sophisticated hotel. The KOOLX-ECO360® passive Energy Saving Filter from the Signature range continues Greenotel’s pioneering efforts in green sustainability, helping hoteliers to dramatically optimizing all hidden passive opportunities in reducing their HVAC power consumption and improve indoor air quality that odors, smoke and pathogens, bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi from recycling and floating in the indoor space of guestrooms and other common area of the hotel.

KOOLX-ECO360® passive energy-saving filter does not require any power supply to operate, no moving parts, no maintenance, no operating cost, easy to install on any air conditioner, that leads to environmental improvement and social contribution said Chris Abraham – Product Director. He also added that we take care about the food we eat, the water we drink but rarely do we consider the indoor air we breathe during this covid-19 pandemic.

Experienced HVAC professionals know the two factors that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of an air filter airflow and its ability to capture particles. Traditional air filters capture small particles that generally reduce airflow significantly. In addition, conventional air filters must be replaced frequently. The HVAC filters are designed to capture particles at the in-flow vent, which make them non-effective for particles found within the air ducts and HVAC systems themselves.

As the hospitality industry worldwide turn to the technology industry for effective solutions to prevent the spread of airborne viruses and to minimize power consumption on HVAC System, KOOLX-ECO360® is seeking partnerships with trusted local ESCO, HVAC and Plumbing service companies to introduce its innovative passive HVAC Air Filter into the Middle East & North American market.

The local HVAC reseller will be able to demonstrate their customers that, unlike traditional dry filters, KOOLX-ECO360® passive technology allows air to flow around staggered, parallel filter, thus allowing for unrestricted airflow. The results shows that the filters are effective in removing airborne dust, pollen, and nano-fine particles, that include bacteria and viruses from rooms while reducing airflow by less than 3%.


The Signature range KOOLX-ECO360® is made to match with any HVAC aesthetic. This Passive filter is inspired by the iconic honeycomb design and incorporates Greenotel’s heritage ecology with refined rare earth minerals. The distinguished look and flexibility means that hotel owners can install on FAHU, AHU, FCU, HVAC-R, the Signature range KOOLX-ECO360® throughout the hotel, including the guest room, spa, restrooms, fitness areas and restaurants, for a sophisticated, energy savings and also air purification of the indoor air quality.



With the introduction of this signature range KOOLX-ECO360® passive HVAC filters, Greenotel maintains the spirit of sustainability and care to reduce the carbon footprint, which has been the basic requirement for the invention since the brand’s inception. From their use of reliable packaging to the careful sourcing of their ingredients and their challenging and at the time pioneering attitude to animal testing, we instilled a groundbreaking approach and believe in always delivering ecological energy savings on HVAC with a conscious concern for the world . Today, we believe that luxury and sustainability go hand in hand and continue to ensure that every practice requires an ethical approach.

For more information, please visit:

Leading ESCO , HVAC companies interested in offering their local customers a sustainable, cost-effective, and effective passive air filtration solution found in KOOLX-ECO360® can contact Chris Abraham – Product Manager  or visit:

Artist & Designer Amber Renee Fawn Celebrates Miseducated’s Success

Miseducated features must-have pins, fashion, art, and much more. All exploding with colorful, 1980s nostalgic creations from Amber Renee Fawn.

January 24, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Artist Amber Renee Fawn’s Miseducated is ground zero for the best in retro, kitsch, kawaii, whimsical, psychedelic fashion and accessories. So much so that Amber Renee is celebrating the shop’s success. Miseducated has over 700 sales and counting with a solid five-star rating. The positive energy and creativity is infectious and Amber Renee prides herself in placing customer service as a top priority.

Miseducated logo

“The most precious thing I’ve learned on my journey is that we don’t have to live in darkness; we can choose to live in color,” commented the clearly passionate artist/entrepreneur. “The products in my shop are guaranteed to add color and smiles into your life.”

Amber Renée has both studied and practiced art and design in the United States, France and Japan. She graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications and furthered her education continuing to study Visual Communications in graduate school at Herron School of Art and Design. Her art and designs are award-winning and have been featured in various events and shops in the Los Angeles-area for many years.

New choices are added to Miseducated often. Enthusiasts are encouraged to stop by and see the latest on a regular basis.

The feedback for her design and online store continues to be wildly positive across the board drawing new customers and celebrities as well as growing quite a following of return buyers.

“Amber, I love your website and even shared it with all the girls on my design team,” exclaimed Tarina Tarantino, acclaimed jewelry and accessory designer. “They all love it!”

“I’m obsessed with your website,” gushes teen fashion icon Audrey Kitching. “You have to be my designer.” She exclaims, “Amber Renee gets it.” Kitching lays claim to styles being worn by other celebrities including celebrity-endorsement of her lines Tokyolux and Coco De Coeur, all which featured one-of-a-kind designs by Amber Renee Fawn.

Kierna Terrisse of Beautymark Marketing adds, “Amber has a fantastic flair for color and whimsy in her design. She is an excellent source of beauty and fashion based inspiration and is always “on trend”. Her selection of colors is amazing.”

For more information be sure to visit, shop at, or call/text Amber Renee Fawn at (213) 935-0209.

BitFall Charity – The Crypto that puts Charity’s first

In today’s fast-paced world, most projects are concerned with making money rather than providing value and ownership to the supporters. For this reason, most communities are seeing a drastic decrease in value as people are choosing to make money rather than supporting projects for their value.

BitFall Charity

In such a situation, there is a massive gap for people-based blockchain projects that should be focused on providing value to their community and being a Project of the People, enter BitFall.

Project of the People

Most blockchain projects are primarily focused on introducing cutting-edge technologies and solutions to real-world problems that will help improve the quality of living on this planet. Despite it being the most remarkable technological evolution in the history of technology, it’s getting a little too crowded. Moreover, the frequency of similar-idea projects is increasing with time.

BitFall entered the market with an age-old yet innovative idea, taking advantage of the visible gap. The concept of charity has been around forever. Helping people, supporting them with their needs, and ensuring that no one stays deficient in the basic necessities has been the greatest quality of humanity.

BitFall has developed a blockchain charity wallet that will support charities worldwide. Since charity events are common throughout the world in various domains, it’s about time someone thought of developing a decentralized and highly-accessible system to manage charities from around the world.

BitFall Charity

BitFall can be found in the market with its ticker $BTL, allowing you to become a holder of the token once you purchase it. The idea of BitFall charity is that holders will get a significant amount of return on their capital investments due to their wholesome thoughts of investing in the project. Moreover, a sufficient amount of investments will be diverted to charities happening worldwide.

To reward the users, 5% of every transaction gets redistributed to the holders to value their initiative.

BitFall Swap

Upon researching the token, you might feel this project being a potential target of a rug pull or ending up being a scam. However, with BitFall Swap and a systematic mechanism of Auto LP tokenization, we ensure that the project is genuine and is here to support the community.

You can easily swap your desired type of currency with BitFall from our website at: to quickly get started with us in our journey to make this world a better place.

Exciting NFT Marketplace

NFTs have been the rage in the crypto industry in recent times. For this reason, BitFall plans on launching an NFT launchpad that would be host to 195 World NFTs as a start to encourage the arrival of more and more users on the platform.


Rethinking the original idea of a metaverse that would have a virtual environment with activities that will serve alternates to real-world jobs, BitFall’s CharityVerse will be a platform that will host virtual charity events to help organizations raise funds instantly and with a greater audience.


Unlike every other ordinary project that promises giveaways at unrealistic conditions, BitFall will be giving away a brand new Tesla in Phase 5 of our launch. To find out more about the roadmap and learn about the possible timeline of Phase 5, you can visit here.

Where to Find Us?

If you wish to join our community and get on board with us on our quest to provide value to our supporters in the crypto community, here is a list of our socials:


Ammbr develops the world’s first Bearer Bond NFT

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 29, 2021 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Ammbr Limited today announced delivery of its newly completed Bearer Bond NFT, which makes it possible for clients to wrap digital assets into an NFT, with the bearer being able to claim the assets at the maturity date.

Ammbr limited

The Ammbr Bearer Bond NFT is a standard BEP-721 NFT built on the Binance Smart Chain, which acts as a cryptographic proof of ownership for crypto token virtual assets that are placed in a time-locked smart contract. When the smart contract’s time lock expires, the crypto assets can be claimed. The Bearer Bond NFT allows the holder, or bearer, to claim the unlocked crypto assets from the smart contract.

Bearer bond

NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” The technology allows the ownership of Internet content to be tracked as it is traded to different owners.

“Unlike conventional NFT, which signify ownership of a piece of digital art or animation, the technology that underpins NFT can also be used to tokenise other assets, and this is the direction in which Ammbr is building out its infrastructure,” says Derick Smith, CEO of Ammbr. “Creating an automated and highly efficient process and protocol that delivers functionality that matches market requirements, but without the cost and complexity of traditional finance, is exactly what Ammbr is about.”

Bearer Bond NFT are being tested by select customers and will be made available to the wider public within a few weeks. Compliance with conventional regulations such as anti-money laundering will add to its appeal for institutions and regulated entities.

Ammbr envisions numerous uses for its innovation, including the ability to achieve vesting of crypto tokens from sales to prevent “dumping,” while ensuring buyers have custody and liquidity of their tokens via a secondary NFT market. Ammbr is offering Tokenization as a Service, or TaaS, for virtual, physical and intellectual property assets.

Rakesh Rajagopal, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Ammbr Group, is excited by the ever-expanding scope of NFT technology. “We are now only scratching the surface of what can be done,” Rajagopal said. “Our clientele is diverse with commensurately creative ideas for employing blockchain to improve and enhance their businesses.”

Located in Abu Dhabi, Ammbr is a decentralised technology company that develops and operates one of the leading tokenisation platforms that will forever change the way owners and creators of physical, intellectual, and digital assets conceive of ownership, trading, and

Ammbr Group is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, with operations in the United States, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, and Madagascar. It builds digital platforms, with a particular focus on decentralised systems.

For more information about Ammbr Group, visit or

Media Contact: Derick Smith,

Why High Standard Services Matter To The Digital Transformation Of Your Company

Digital transformation journey allows organisations to evaluate everything that a business does from internal systems to customer interactions to improve efficiencies

Palmira Software House, an award-winning company that helps entities both big and small to shape their digital direction, will be at Gitex 2021 on the Software AG stand to share their best tools to help organisations mobilise and build capabilities but also support the execution for sustainable results of its digital transformation journey. A digital transformation journey that aligns people, process and technology initiatives of the organisation to be more closely in line with its business strategy and vision.

November 19, 2021 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Digital transformation adds value to every interaction and changes the way business gets done. The bottom line is that, when implemented professionally and correctly using the best-in-class tools, a digital transformation journey is guaranteed to increase an organisation’s return on investment.

Palmira Software House, an award-winning company that helps entities both big and small to shape their digital direction, will be at Gitex 2021 on the Software AG stand to share their best tools to help organisations mobilise and build capabilities but also support the execution for sustainable results of its digital transformation journey. A digital transformation journey that aligns people, process and technology initiatives of the organisation to be more closely in line with its business strategy and vision.

“Embarking on a digital transformation journey allows an organisation to step back and revisit everything that a business does from internal systems to customer interactions, be it online or in person. Such a journey emboldens better decision-making capacities, game-changing efficiencies as well as greatly improved customer experience with more personalisation says Jamal AlMahamid, CEO, Palmira Software House.

Palmira Software House currently provides pioneer digital transformation services, has delivered innovative and complex projects to public and private sectors, including governments, banking and telecommunications in the EMEA region.

Palmira team
Palmira team

“We truly create connected organisations and digitalise customer journeys that pay back in reducing cost, increasing customer satisfaction and gaining competitive advantage ahead of rivals,” said CEO of Palmira Software House, Jamal AlMahamid, who has a broad background in successfully digital project delivery and partnerships with global, high-ranking companies that are specialised in digital transformations such as Software AG, Cloudera, KNIME and Liferay.

“Additionally, we empower organisations with the ultimate in planning tools to manage their digital transformation initiatives that reduce complexity and risk,” he added.

It is easy to see why digital transformation is important for organisation’s growth yet 84 per cent of companies, according to Forbes, will fail while embarking on a digital journey. A large part of this is due to the lack of professional knowledge in terms of the tools and methodologies required to ensure that an entity defines concrete objectives that drive an organisation through a successful journey of digital transformation.

A premier regional partner of world class technologies such as webMethods, ARIS and ALFABET, ARIS and ALFABET from Software AG, Palmira Software House has implemented technologies that generate 301 per cent return on investment by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

Software AG, the owner of ARIS, ALFABET and webMethods, has over the years named Palmira as ‘The Most Certified Partner, Globally’ (2021); ‘Special Innovation Partner of Software AG’ (2019); ‘Excellence in Projects Delivery’ (2020); ‘Receive Special Recognition, Innovative Adaption of Business & IT Transformation’ (2019), as a global best implementation for ARIS (Business process Analysis) and ALFABET (Enterprise Architecture and IT Portfolio Planning tool).

Overwhelming Support by Fans of Kurup and the First Indian Move NFT

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, November 6, 2021- /ExPressRelease UK/- Ammbr Limited saw massive demand for the first Indian film to release a series of NFT as part of the promotion leading up to its release. Kurup, set to hit theatres on 12 November 2021, sets the trend and is a sell-out success with all its NFT sold within a day.

Ammbr opened the sale of three types of NFT from Kurup on 25 October.

• 1 Unique Video clip Premium NFT at 2,000 BUSD
• 10 animated gif NFT at 200 BUSD
• 100 still image NFT at 10 BUSD

Ammbr CEO, Derick Smith explains their delight at the response. “Within a few minutes the premium NFT was sold, and the animated NFT followed within a few hours. By the next morning the entire primary issuance was sold out.”

Kurup, set to hit theatres on 12 November 2021, sets the trend and is a sell-out success with all its NFT sold within a day.
Overwhelming Support by Fans of Kurup and the First Indian Move NFT

Ammbr collaborated with the co-producers of Kurup, Wayfarer Films and M-Star Entertainments, to launch the first NFT series supporting and promoting an Indian film.

“While Kurup has been eagerly awaited by fans, we felt the appeal to the tech-savvy younger generation of fans would be great,” explains Anish Mohan, director at M-Star Entertainments. “As it is, the project ensures Kurup is secured in the annals of history as the first to use this new wave of blockchain technology.”

The buyer of some of the Kurup NFTs did so because he recognised the long-term value of this as a collectable piece of movie history. Vaishak Uthaman, who heads compliance at a financial services company in Hong Kong, offered commentary.

“Being an avid Indian movies enthusiast and having had the good fortune of acting in a Malayalam movie, I understand the blockchain space and when I heard that a Malayalam movie is going to be the first Indian movie to have NFT’s sold as part of its promotions I was thrilled and thankful to buy a few in the primary markets before it sold out.”

Rakesh Rajagopal, Chief Strategy Officer at Ammbr had this to say. “The staggering prices fetched by NFT by obscure artists in recent months points to the novelty of the space, but real and lasting value in collectables lies in the story told by a particular piece. Considering the immensity of the Indian movie industry, combined with the vast population that consumes content and idolises the actors and actresses, it stands to reason that the value of the first releases will only escalate in time.”

About Wayfarer Films

Wayfarer films is a production and distribution company established by Dulquer Salmaan himself, with the vision of bringing new entertainment industry talent into the limelight. Since the incoporation of the company in 2019 they have rolled out multiple projects of different scale and are well positioned for huge growth.

About M-Star Entertainments

M-Star Entertainments is a fully owned subsidiary of Indel Corporation Pvt Ltd, which is diversified into various sectors such as banking, automotive, and hospitality. M-Star Entertainments is the group media entity that produces content of various formats for a variety of platforms. M-Star Entertainments’ strategy is forming fruitful partnerships to cater to the ever growing demands of customers in the entertainment industry.

About Ammbr

Ammbr is an Abu Dhabi based decentralised technology company that develops and operates one of the leading tokenisation platforms that will forever change the way owners and creators of physical, intellectual, and digital assets conceive of ownership, trading, and interaction.

The Ammbr NFT Market is the first one globally to accept a stablecoin, BUSD, and not its own native token. This achieves price stability and certainty for buyers and sellers.