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MRHB DeFi: Successful US$5.5M Fundraise to Fuel Vision of Bringing Ethical DeFi to Excluded Communities Everywhere

Dubai, UAE, Jan 31, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/- MRHB DeFi, the world’s first decentralized finance ecosystem platform focused on ethical, sustainable and halal crypto opportunities, has successfully raised a total of USD 5.5 million through a series of private and public funding rounds which culminated in an initial DEX offering (IDO) that was oversubscribed on the DODO and ZeeDO launchpads.

Prior to its IDO, the startup gave the community direct access through two public sales on its official website, which saw tremendous support from its community of over 50,000 members.

“Our funding rounds have surpassed our expectations and prove beyond doubt the huge demand for ethics in the cryptoverse,” said MRHB DeFi CEO Naquib Mohammed. “We want to take the opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation for our valued partners and loyal supporters, without whom we would not have made it this far. These are just the first steps of our ambitious multi-year journey that we have begun, together with our community, to ensure that everyone can participate in building an ecosystem where trust and values matter – hence giving access to the growing opportunities of the crypto-economy.”

The ethical startup is also backed by investors and partners which include Polygon Technology, Sheesha Finance, Australian Gulf Capital, Mozaic, NewTribe Capital, Blockchain Australia, Contango Digital Assets, Masary Capital, ZKSync, Acreditus Partners, EMGS Group, Sinofy Group, Sukhavati Protocol and MKD Capital amongst others.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

MRHB began as an idea 15 months ago, when Naquib, who was at that time working on Enterprise Blockchain use cases, was interviewed by a crypto news agency about the general trends of DLT.

The questions came around to the acceptance of crypto within the muslim communities in the Middle East, an interesting angle which led Naquib to delve further into the DeFi world, where he noticed the absence of halal projects. Understanding that there was a gap, he started putting down ideas and developing conversations with tech friends and like-minded connections, all of whom saw the immense possibilities with crypto but were disheartened by the absence of projects and protocols that were halal and consistent with their financial and ethical principles. The immense complexity of the cryptoverse as a whole also stood out as a further deterrent.

Resident in Saudi Arabia, he soon realised through various community discussions – both in the middle east and farther afield – that many fellow Millennials and Gen Z’ers were facing the same challenges and were hence avoiding the entire cryptoverse. This meant that many communities – especially Muslims – were excluded from the opportunities in this new tech frontier. Thus began his journey of taking on the challenge and goal of building a landmark halal project in the DeFi ecosystem.

Over the course of six months, Naquib assembled a team that included not just developers but reputable industry professionals and Shariah experts, all of whom shared his vision of creating an ethical DeFi ecosystem that reflects community values and beliefs. It would be the first to fill a major gap in the crypto space and address the needs of communities that number more than a billion, who have all thus far been excluded due to ethics, faith, fear and complexity.

While the DeFi offerings were aimed at adhering to ethical investment and financing principles rooted in Islamic Finance (primarily the prohibition on interest-based lending and income, and sectors deemed unethical or exploitative like gambling, pornography etc), MRHB would also be focused on removing technological complexity. Thus the overall objective was to build a more empowering and ethical community-focused platform that would also cater to those new to crypto while addressing the negative perception created by extensive instances of fraud, risk and opacity in the crypto space.

The Islamic Finance sector is the first target and is the largest and most active faith-based market. It is currently sized at around USD 3 trillion – attracting even a small portion of Islamic liquidity into DeFi will represent a major boost to the total value of the DeFi sector worldwide.

Community Focused and Community Supported

Approximately 85% of the funds raised came from the MRHB global community which spans from Canada to Australia – all of whom are looking for an ethical and halal entry into the cryptoverse. The inclusive startup is aptly named, with MRHB being short for “Marhaba”, which means “welcome” in Arabic, as the project ushers in entire crypto newbie communities.

The platform’s $MRHB token is now available for trades on PancakeSwap, one of the leading decentralized exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and remains above the launch price in spite of overall bearish markets.

To reward the community and encourage more market liquidity, a 5 million pool of MRHB token rewards has been set aside for token holders who provide liquidity to the MRHB/BNB pool on PancakeSwap. These rewards are for the next two months and apply on top of their share of trading fees earned. Token lockups for early project supporters will begin soon, allowing liquidity providers to invest their $MRHB tokens and receive additional rewards.

MRHB DeFi is already moving forward with their production roadmap, having recently launched its Souq NFT Marketplace, the first NFT marketplace guaranteed to contain halal-only content. The launch of Sahal Wallet, a non-custodial mobile wallet featuring filtering technology that will allow for frictionless access to halal tokens, is slated for the middle of next month. The pioneering Liquidity Harvester, MRHB’s passive and stable crypto income product, will be launching in Q2 and the project is currently in advanced discussions with pioneering regulated institutional partners to offer halal crypto-wealth products. More decentralized and centralized exchange listings are also coming up in the near future, welcome news for the MRHB community.

About MRHB DeFi:
MRHB DeFi is a halal, decentralised finance platform built to embody the true spirit of an “Ethical and Inclusive DeFi” by following faith-based financial and business principles, where all excluded communities can benefit from the full empowerment potential of DeFi.

The diverse team is comprised of researchers, technocrats, influencers, Islamic fintech experts & business entrepreneurs, who came together to ensure that MRHB DeFi prevails in a manner that will impact society as a whole, essentially bridging the gap between the faith-conscious communities and the blockchain world.

MRHB DeFi Official Channels:
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Parenting is Tough – Educator Shares Step By Step Plan For Respect

St. Augustine, FL, February 11, 2022 — A passion to help others in these days of major social turbulence empowered Judy Harmon Holmes to complete her book, Responsible Kids: 6 Steps to Creating Them in an Irresponsible World, which was recently released by WC Publishing.

Available wherever fine paperbacks can be ordered, this book allows parents, teachers, and counselors, to recognize timeless scenarios of frustration and stress and put together a plan that works to transform that stress into respectful and compassionate relationships.

From two-year-old “bitsies” to upwardly mobile and freedom-seeking adolescents, these steps detailed by Dr. Holmes will have a powerful impact on the entire family, and their families someday, too.

“Earning degrees in Education, Counseling, and Professional Development taught me what to do,” says the author. “My kids taught me how to do it. The outcomes are worth it–a parent-child relationship that grows in love and respect, and children who become responsible, confident, loving adults.”

Dr. Holmes writes in Responsible Kids: 6 Steps to Creating Them in an Irresponsible World, “We do the best job we know how, and the irony is that many of our actions—as well intended as they are—promote irresponsible behavior. Too often, and to our deep frustration and disappointment, we experience our children as sloppy, self-centered, lazy, rebellious, stubborn, and angry. Often, we find ourselves feeling discouraged and ready to give up.”

The purpose of her book is to show parents through detailed examples, six effective steps to lead children and adolescents in learning how to become responsible and caring people. Each of those steps requires parents to spend a lot of time interacting with their children, and parents may find they feel challenged about their current communication styles. But, if those methods were working, the results would be different, right?

Periodically, Dr. Holmes who is a Professor Emeritus of Frostburg State University, teaches “The Art of Mindful Communication” through the Lifelong Learning virtual campus at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida.

Dr. Holmes can be emailed at for more information regarding her book and speaking programs.

The Armoire Home Grow System Receives U.S. Patent Approval

New York City, New York, January 26, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Founders Vincent Bitetti and Eric Robichaud always thought they had created a very different and unique home grow cabinet in The Armoire. The U.S. government has agreed and issued an official patent, US 11,083,139 for The Armoire, an heirloom furniture-inspired look, child proof lock, ergonomic design and even your most judgmental and disapproving aunt would not suspect that you are growing cannabis in your living room, home office or den.

“We are delighted to have the government concur that The Armoire is unique,” notes Bitetti and added, “and we are equally enthusiastic to have our intellectual property safeguarded from being knocked off. The real winner is the cannabis aficionado who can benefit from The Armoire and predictably grow an impressive yield of 3-5 ounces of dried, hand-crafted flower in as little as 60 days with minimal effort and expertise.”

Robichaud asserted, “The patent demonstrates the measurable, definable difference of our home grow cabinet versus home grow tents and other gadgets. Vincent and I have put over four years of blood, sweat and tears into developing a turnkey environment that makes cannabis cultivation easy and fun.”

The patent was filed by Matthew Miller of MG Miller Intellectual Property Law LLC, a leader in cannabis law.

The flagship product of Green Goddess Supply, The Armoire requires less than two minutes of care daily to garner an impressive yield of 3-5 ounces of dried, hand-crafted flower in as little as 60 days, with no prior experience necessary.

Measuring just over four feet tall (50”) and just over 2 feet wide (25”), The Armoire is an impressive size and arrives essentially set up and ready to grow. Sturdy and solid, it can be unboxed and up and running in about 30 minutes, so that even the cannabis curious can start growing immediately on day one. If you can water a house plant once a day, then you can now grow clean, healthy, top shelf bud quickly and easily, with no experience necessary.

The Armoire is available in three finishes – Black, Cherry and Barn Board (aka “Shabby Chic”). The models are currently priced at $1,595 MSRP.

Equipped with a high quality Australian carbon scrubber and 12 spectrum and high PAR, low-heat proprietary LED lighting, The Armoire inhibits mold, odor and pests. As a closed system, it is extremely quiet and also makes it difficult for pests to gain access. Childproof magnetic locks ensures that no one accidentally opens the cabinet.

Each Armoire comes with 90 days of complimentary concierge support. Live and experienced cultivators answer questions and trouble shoot, if necessary.

About Green Goddess Supply:
Green Goddess Supply is a “cultivation to consumption” cannabis lifestyle brand offering a line of high-quality products to grow, store, prep and consume hemp flower and cannabis products. The company sells direct to consumers at MSRP through its website, and also offers wholesale and distributor accounts to brick and mortar storefronts and industry distributors. Green Goddess Supply strives to exceed expectations and delight customers with quality products and amazing customer service.

The Armoire is a trademark of Green Goddess Supply. Green Goddess Supply is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA with additional distributions centers in Los Angeles, CA; Long Island City, New York and Pooler, Georgia. For more information about Green Goddess Supply, visit the website at

Safer Places, Inc. Adds COVID Testing to Its Background Check and Monitoring Services

Middleboro, MA, January 26, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Safer Places Inc., a firm providing pre-employment screening, tenant screening and security consulting, today announced it will offer COVID testing as part of its package of services for public agencies and private sector businesses. The testing services will be offered as a standalone offering or bundled with Safer Places, Inc.’s other background check and drug testing services.

Safer Places, Inc.’s COVID testing services will include both rapid tests and PCR testing for employees who need to be tested on a weekly basis or before visiting a client’s location. The new service can also be utilized for employees returning to work after being out with COVID. Testing will be self-administered by the employee.

“Here’s how it works, employees will be able to download an app to their phone and administer the test at home or wherever it’s convenient,” said David Sawyer, president of Safer Places, Inc. “A government-issued ID and facial recognition software are utilized with the app to verify and document the employee’s identity. The entire process is captured on video, including the results if it’s a rapid test. Instructions and a process to follow are given for the PCR testing.”

Companies and organizations can order COVID test kits can from Safer Places, Inc. that can be implemented without the validation process. Safer Places, Inc.’s COVID test offering includes a vaccination tracking system as well.

Pricing for COVID testing program starts at $15 for a single test and varies depending on the number of kits, length of engagement, type of test and other details. Some employers may want the employee to pay for their own test so the staff member can be reimbursed through their health insurance company. Safer Places can handle individual billing.

“One thing that’s become abundantly clear is we will be dealing with COVID and it’s variants for the foreseeable future,” said Sawyer. “Developing a workplace testing process will be key for companies looking to ensure a safer workplace for employees and visitors to your business.”

For information on Safer Places, Inc. COVID test programs or its other background check, customized screening and drug testing services, visit or call 508-947-0600.

About Safer Places, Inc:
Safer Places, Inc. is a full-service firm that provides pre-employment screening, security consulting, tenant screening, and additional verification services for schools, private and public companies, property managers, property owners and anyone seeking to research an individual’s background.

Since the events of September 11, 2001, the importance of background checks has taken on increased prominence, and Safer Places, Inc. has undertaken a number of educational initiatives for the public, including a monthly videocast and SAFERupdates. SAFER provides ongoing information for those looking to learn more about background verifications, drug testing and other related topics in a series of short, live videocasts, recordings of which can be found on Safer Places, Inc.’s YouTube channel.

Elements of a background check can include Social Security trace, criminal history search, education verification, checking with sex offender registries, drug testing, driving record/license verification, employment verification/references, terrorist watch lists, and credentials verification/history. Increasingly, companies are using background checks as a condition of continued employment, particularly when an individual is being considered for a new position or promotion.

Safer Places, Inc. maintains offices at 25 Wareham Street, Suites 2-26, Middleboro, MA 02346. Its principals are board certified in security management, holding the CPP (Certified Protection Professionals) designation from ASIS International and they maintain memberships in a number of organizations including the Professional Background Screeners Association (PBSA) and ASIS International. For additional information, please visit or call (508) 947-0600.

Miller & Miller will Hold A Major Online-Only Canadiana & Folk Art Auction on Saturday, February 12th, at 9 am Eastern

New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada, January 28, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Original oil paintings by Franz Johnston and Alexander Young Jackson, both founding members of Canada’s “Group of Seven”, plus a one-piece Adam-style corner cupboard from an estate near Orono, Ontario are expected top lots in an online-only Canadiana & Folk Art auction slated for Saturday, Feb. 12th, by Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd.

The 376-lot auction has a start time of 9 am Eastern time, with Internet bidding available on the Miller & Miller website (, as well as Telephone and absentee bids will also be accepted. The categories include folk art, furniture, art, tools, Canadiana, architectural items, vintage toys, pottery and stoneware, and beautiful textiles.

The oil on board rendering by Franz Johnston (1888-1949), titled The Battlement, Lake of the Woods, measures 13 inches by 10 ½ inches and is expected to climb to $22,000-$30,000. It is a vibrant and rare example, with strong brush strokes and content that’s typical of ‘The Group Impressionism’. Johnston resigned from the Group in 1924 as his style became more “realistic”.

The oil on panel by Alexander Young Jackson (1882-1974) is titled St. Lawrence South Shore Village (circa 1945) and measures 10 ½ inches by 13 ½ inches (estimate: $18,000-$28,000). It shows wonderful color and detail and has gallery labels on back for Klinkhoff, Montreal and Thielsen, London. Jackson was key in bringing together the artists of Montreal and Toronto.

The one-piece Adam-style corner cupboard, made in Canada around 1835, features a fluted frieze on the cornice and astragal glazing on the upper doors. Each upper door has 13 panes of glass, while the lower section has two flat paneled doors above a bracket base. The cupboard, in untouched condition, is 84 inches tall by 50 inches wide and is expected to hit $8,000-$12,000.

Also featured will be Part 2 of the many collections of Marty Osler. Part 1, held in April 2021, was led by a select offering of decoys, fishing reels and rods, many by Hardy Bros. of England. The decoy collection was primarily Canadian and included examples by Carl O. Rankin, Frank Dolsen, Billy Ellis and Ken Anger. Part 2 will focus on select Canadiana and decorative arts.

All prices in this report are in Canadian dollars and include an 18 percent buyer’s premium.

“We are very excited about this second sale of select Canadiana and decorative arts from Marty Osler’s personal collection,” said Peter Baker, who Miller & Miller engaged to serve as an advisor for the sale. “Marty collected exceptional and unusual pieces, including painted country furniture and classic folk art that are the backbone of this sale, but we are also pleased to offer works by prominent artists such as Robert Pilot, Manly Macdonald, A.F. Loemans, Goodridge Roberts, Horatio Walker, and Jackson and Johnston.”

“In addition,” Mr. Baker continued, “we have the imaginative folk art of Edmond Chatigny, George Cockayne and Ewald Rentz and, rarely seen in Canada, pieces by noted outsider artists Purvis Young, R.A. Miller, Steve Sutch, Howard Finster and Jim Sudduth.”

Baker concluded, “Traditional collectors will find North American beadwork, stoneware, weathervanes, cast-iron toys and several book pieces of Canadiana in the sale. This promises to be a truly memorable auction with many pieces having not seen the ‘light-of-day for decades.”

Two oil on canvas paintings by another renowned “Group of Seven” artist – Manly Edward MacDonald (1889-1971) – will come up for bid: Log House, signed lower left (estimate: $4,000-$5,000); and The First Snow, an earlier painting considering the wooden wedge construction (estimate: $2,000-$3,000). Both works are housed in their original frames, which is significant, as he had a Scottish carpenter who created hand-carved frames that added value to his paintings.

A watercolor on paper of a Quebec Village by Marc-Aurèle Fortin (1888-1970), diminutive at just 10 inches by 12 inches (sight), was painted circa 1925, showing a double-spired church with the Quebec hills in the background (estimate: $2,000-$3,500). Also, an oil on canvas Forest Landscape by Goodridge Roberts (1904-1974), 15 ½ inches by 19 ½ inches (sight), of a forest landscape with a brilliant blue sky (possibly a Georgian Bay view) should fetch $2,500-$3,000.

Canadian-made furniture pieces will be offered in abundance and will include the following:

  • A standing two-piece pine secretary (Ontario, circa 1850-1860), in an untouched grain-painted surface, with a scalloped flat cornice, the upper section having two double-paneled doors, two drawers and adjustable interior shelves (estimate: $3,000-$5,000).
  • A Western Canadian Ukrainian step-back cupboard painted in yellow, cream and green, circa 1900, 79 inches tall by 44 inches wide, from the Yorktown area of Saskatchewan, with original metal hardware on the drawers and upper door (estimate: $2,000-$4,000).
  • An early 20th century Canadian dining table from the Peryhitka family (Hubbard, Saskatchewan), with a deep scalloped skirt on all sides and having a scrub top with the base in light brown paint over the original dark reddish brown (estimate: $2,000-$3,000).

Sculptures by Edmond Chatigny (1895-1992) will include a rare and large Bird Sculpture, made in Quebec circa 1970, depicting a bird in brown paint with white and green splotches, mounted on a square stool base, 30 inches tall (estimate: $3,500-$5,000); and a Farm Scene sculpture, also made in Quebec circa 1970, showing a farmer in a plumed hat plowing with a pair of oxen, while multiple birds and flowers line the field, mounted on a platform base (estimate: $2,500-$3,500).

Wonderful decorative accessories will be plentiful. Just a few highlight examples are as follows:

  • A late 18th century Pennsylvania bride’s box, 18 ¼ inches by 11 ½ inches, of pegged construction, a large oval band box with stitched joints and a marvelous painted surface, the lid showing a man serenading a woman with his mandolin (estimate: $2,500-$3,500).
  • An important, large and joyful ship whirligig in tin of a white ship on blue seas by Quebec artist Ernest Joly, circa 1970, with a ship that rocks back and forth when the propeller turns, a captain at the helm, 36 inches by 57 inches (estimate: $2,500-$3,000).
  • A fretwork panel with religious scenes marked “Elohim” (God of Israel in the Bible’s Old Testament), made in Ontario circa 1970, 37 ½ inches by 48 ½ inches, exhibiting great colors and superb detail, mounted on a pine backboard (estimate: $2,000-$3,000).

To learn more about Miller & Miller Auctions, Ltd. and the auction on February 12th, please visit

Maximum Value Partners, Small Business Coaches, Launches Landscaping Division

Independence, OH, January 28, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Maximum Value Partners (MVP), a small business coaching practice owned and operated by Adam Sonnhalter and Jack Mencini, recently announced the creation of a landscaper division of its small business coaching practice. The new division will offer consulting services specific to the landscaping businesses in the areas of sales, marketing, operation and finance.

“The seasonal nature of a landscaping business—particularly the ones we’ve worked with in the greater Cleveland area—make it rather unique from the other trades,” said Jack Mencini, who began MVP with Adam back in 2003. “A large component of coaching landscapers is teaching them how to be more operationally efficient during busy season and more productive during the ‘off season’ in the winter.”

Part of MVP’s work involves recruitment and training seasonal staff. Many landscapers had previously utilized the H-2B visa program for seasonal workers. With increased restrictions over the past few years, landscapers have had to find and develop staff on a local basis—a large challenge in today’s job market.

MVP also helps landscapers develop a transparent work culture featuring frequent staff meeting and sharing business plans and goals and making employee satisfaction part of the company brand. That includes utilizing social media pages to showcase the work of staff members.

Adds Adam, “I guess it’s not much of a coincidence that we’ve worked with so many landscapers. Jack and I actually met when I was a caddie and he was a wannabe scratch golfer. More than 30 years later—20 of those as business partners—we still gravitate towards finely manicured lawns and the people who make that happen.”

The pair also take a caddy-like approach to coaching small business clients like landscapers. Working as a tandem—clients will meet with both Adam and Jack—the pair employ their MVP Playbook—featuring the 7 Keys to Success and the 3 Circles—while helping small business owners get unstuck from the endless “how” questions that come with running a business. This formula has elevated the games of businesses ranging from landscapers to IT consultants, body shops to marketing firms.

“Many landscapers start as solopreneurs and consequently don’t have somebody to talk to about running the business—except maybe other landscapers who are, in fact, competitors,” said Jack. “We provide that resource to landscapers with the added wisdom that comes from more than 20 years of working with small business owners plus being small business owners ourselves.”

Typically, MVP will meet once or twice a month with clients. During Covid that’s largely been by video conference. At each meeting, clients have action items to report back on. This holds clients accountable and creates a collaborative process that has benefited clients in a wide range of businesses.

“By asking questions and really getting to know clients before we start working with them—prospects must take and pass a coachability test—we can help landscapers and other small business owners address such issues as improving efficiency, increasing profitability, defining management structures, buying/selling a business, preparing for transitions and more,” said Adam.

For more information about MVP’s landscaper division and its other services, visit or call (877) 849-0670 You can also get to know MVP’s dynamic duo by tuning into its podcast, Dirty Secrets of Small Business on your favorite podcast player and its website.

About Maximum Value Partners:
Adam Sonnhalter and Jack Mencini began Maximum Value Partners (MVP) back in 2003 as a business coaching practice dedicated to small businesses. Based in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, the duo takes a different approach to coaching, employing their MVP Playbook—featuring the 7 Keys to Success and the 3 Circles—while helping small business owners get unstuck from the endless “how” questions that come with running a business. This formula has elevated the games of business ranging from landscapers to IT consultants, body shops to marketing firms.

Since their inception, MVP has worked with hundreds of small businesses with a myriad of issues: improving efficiency, increasing profitability, defining management structures, buying/selling a business, preparing for transitions and more.

For more information on MVP—including Adam and Jack’s long-running podcast, Dirty Secrets of Small Business visit or call (877) 849-0670.

Working from Home? Feeling alone? Check out My Home Office Hacks

Yes, working from home has many benefits—commute, wardrobe, optional bathing, etc. You do tend to feel like you’re missing out on things. Best coffee? Latest productivity app? Where to shop for a new (fill in the blank). This used to be the kind of info you would get in the lunchroom at work or grabbing a coffee. My Home Office Hacks, a new Substack newsletter by Joe D’Eramo of Plymouth, MA, will attempt to bridge that gap.

“There are plenty of folks who work from home now. Whether it’s running a business, contractor/freelancer or staff of a company. There are so many of doing this, why not help each other out by sharing what’s working, what’s not. Or what do I do from losing it at my keyboard?” said D’Eramo, who has been working remotely since 2002 as the owner of HiRoad Communications. “My Home Office Hacks is virtual water cooler where we share ideas about the remote working experience.”

Adds D’Eramo, “Input and ideas from readers about what’s working for them are always welcome.”

My Home Office Hacks officially launched in May 2021 as a monthly newsletter. D’Eramo upgraded My Home Office Hacks to a weekly newsletter in October. The newsletter is published on Monday mornings.

In addition to helpful home office tips, My HOH, as D’Eramo affectionately refers to the publication, features the author’s dry sense of humor featured in some of his previous writing efforts—mostly notably his self-published book, Recipes for the Roommate-Impaired.

Titles of some of the first editions of My Home Office Hacks include: Thank you, Chuck Norris; Working from Home and the Second Best Line from Con Air; I Hate When People Eat on Zoom Calls; and Could You Do That in a Normal Office.

“A lot of people treated working at home as sort of a snow day at first. It is definitely not as easy as you might think,” said D’Eramo. “In a lot of ways, it’s more difficult as bosses still expect you to produce. And if you own your own business, you know you have to put the work in. My HOH tries to fill a bit of the void left by not being in an office.”

To subscribe to My Home Office Hacks, visit or

About HiRoad Communications:
Based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, HiRoad Communications is owned by freelance copywriter Joe D’Eramo. HiRoad generates copy for web content, marketing communications materials, PR pieces, articles, blogs, social media sites and more. For more information, visit or call 617-848-0848.

John Powers Named Martinizing VP of Franchising

Naples, FL, January 12, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Clean Franchise Brands (CFB), the largest dry cleaning and laundry company on the planet, recently named John Powers as the vice president of franchising for Martinizing Dry Cleaning. Powers took on the role after CFB acquired Martinizing in Spring 2021.

As vice president of franchising, Powers will lead efforts to recruit new Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise owners in the U.S. and abroad. Part of that initiative includes the acquisition of independent dry cleaners and laundromats to be converted to Martinizing locations.

“We are delighted to have John in this role. His experience with the Martinizing brand and his more than two decades in franchising make him an invaluable asset as we begin to sell Martinizing franchises throughout the US and internationally,” said Kevin Dubois, CEO of Clean Franchise Brands.

Powers began with Martinizing in 2018. Prior to that, he was part of the corporate teams for such franchises as Ruby Tuesdays, BD’s Mongolian Grill and Molly Maid.

“CFB’s acquisition of Martinizing has been a game changer in so many ways and the timing could not be better,” said Powers. “The pandemic has led many independent dry cleaners to sell or retire. With the resources that CFB can offer, prospects can buy a franchise with a set location and customer base already there. I’m feeling very fortunate for this opportunity at this point in time.”

Powers, a graduate of SUNY-Cortland, resides in the greater Detroit area with wife Deborah. The couple have two adult children, Brooklynn and Lauren.

Martinizing Dry Cleaning was not the only franchise CFB acquired in Spring 2021. CFB also added 1-800-Dry Clean, Pressed4Time and Dry Cleaning Station in Spring 2021. Combining those franchises with the franchise CFB already owned, Lapels Dry Cleaning, gave CFB more than 400 locations in seven countries including Canada, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Peru—making it the largest dry cleaning company on the planet!

“The pandemic has been a very difficult time for dry cleaners. Many local independents have not survived. Yet recent industry reports indicate a strong trend in growth for the dry cleaning and laundry industry,” said Kevin Dubois, CFB CEO. “We are very excited to have finalized the FDD for Martinizing Dry Cleaning and make that opportunity available to prospects literally across the globe.”

According to a report put out by Research and Markets, “The dry-cleaning and laundry services market is poised to grow by $13.62 billion during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of almost five percent.”

For complete information on the Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise opportunity, visit To schedule an information call about the Martinizing opportunity, call 248-654-7009 or go to

About Martinizing Dry Cleaning:
As part of Clean Franchise Brands, Martinizing is among the largest U.S. based dry-cleaning franchise systems with more than 400 locations in seven countries including Canada, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Peru. Martinizing was founded in 1949 and remains a trusted, iconic name in dry cleaning in the U.S. For more information, visit

About Clean Franchise Brands, LLC:
Based in Naples, Florida, Clean Franchise Brands, LLC is now the owner of the following brands: Lapels Dry Cleaning; Martinizing Dry Cleaning; 1-800-DryClean, Pressed4Time, Dry Cleaning Station and Bizziebox. Collectively, the brands have 500 plus stores in 40 states and nine countries. Clean Franchise Brands corporate offices are located at 711 5th Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102.

For more information, go to or contact John Powers at

Double Wins for Sleeve Sponsor Jetcoin as Huddersfield Defeats EPL Burnley in FA Cup Game, After Successful $JET Fundraise

Singapore, January 13, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Blockchain-powered sports and entertainment NFT solution Jetcoin celebrates the victory of their sleeve-sponsored team Huddersfield Town A.F.C. which has defeated Burnley in the FA Cup Third Round.

This comes close on the heels of the sport NFT solutions provider’s IDO which closed successfully a week before, followed by its listing on popular BSC (Binance Smart Chain) DEX (decentralized exchange) Pancakeswap, with 80% of the funds raised, locked in liquidity on the platform.

“Broadcast in 38 countries with potential viewership of 200 million, the FA Cup games offer massive global exposure and we couldn’t be prouder of our team Huddersfield’s amazing performance on the pitch this past weekend,” declares Jetcoin CEO and founder Eric Alexandre.

Three match jerseys worn at the game are redeemable for fans through the JET Interactive NFT cards.

History on Repeat? Double Underdog Wins with Jetcoin Sleeve Sponsorship

Currently, Burnley competes in the top tier of English Football, the English Premier League, while Town competes in the Championship, the second tier. For Jetcoin, the upset win is reminiscent of the 2018 FA Cup Championship when another David-Goliath tale played out as Wigan Athletic F.C., a League One team two divisions down EPL, scored a historic win against Manchester City, the then leading team in the EPL. Both times saw sport NFT solutions provider Jetcoin supporting the underdog with sleeve sponsorship and emerging victorious.

2022 also marks the 100th anniversary of Huddersfield’s only FA Cup success in 1922, a run which began with a 2-2 draw at Turf Moor, home stadium to Burnley.

Staking Program Officially Open with 1 oz Pure Silver Minted $JET for 1st 100 Participants

$JET holders can now swap and trade on Pancakeswap in the WBNB/JET liquidity pool:



To reward its supporters, Jetcoin is rolling out a 30-day staking program for liquidity providers (LPs) who provide liquidity to the WBNB/JET pool to earn limited edition JET NFTs.

In addition, the first 100 participants who stake 1 BNB worth of the WBNB/JET pair for 30 days will also receive a 1 oz pure silver physical Jetcoin ($JET). This limited reward offer will be dropped into the ‘Rewards’ slide of the JET NFT app 7 days before the staking period of the LP tokens ends.

Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to provide liquidity for the WBNB/JET pair in PancakeSwap and how to lock the Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens can be found here:

Vigilance Please!

The correct JET contract address for the $JET BEP20 Token is as follows:

$JET token holders are reminded to be vigilant against scammers and fake addresses and should exercise caution whenever participating in transactions. Only the following official channels contain the most current and accurate information about the developments of $JET.

Jetcoin Official Channels:

About Jetcoin:
Blockchain-powered Jetcoin ($JET) is digital fuel that gives fans and supporters in the world of sports and entertainment a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favorite athletes and stars. Through the JET NFTs, individuals participate in their talents’ success stories when they choose to purchase unique NFT series of artwork and collectibles from emerging talents in sports and entertainment. When the talents mature in their careers, the value of their image rights increase, translating into rewards for the fans holding the NFTs.

To date, Jetcoin has sponsored Championship Football Club Huddersfield Town A.F.C., English Football League Derby County FC, Wigan Athletic F.C., English Premier League perimeter banner advertising, two Serie A football teams (A.C. Chievo Verona and Hellas Verona); three luxury yacht shows (Singapore, Phuket and Penang Rendezvous); and three Formula One Official After-Parties in Singapore.

About Huddersfield Town:
Huddersfield Town Association Football Club is an English professional football club based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Founded on 15 August 1908, it entered the Football League in 1910. The team is currently competing in the Championship, the second tier of English football.

Huddersfield Town A.F.C. Official Channels:

World’s Fastest, Carbon-Neutral Blockchain Launches Archethic Lab, by The Builders for The Builders

Paris, France, January 13, 2022 -/ExPressRelease UK/- Archethic, the world’s fastest and most secure blockchain network, has launched the Archethic Lab web portal, featuring a series of tools that make it easier for users and developers to join the project’s growing ecosystem.

The website contains links to Archethic’s testnet and mainnet beta, regular video tech updates, as well as all the tools and documentation a newcomer will need to get started.

“We’re embracing the spirit of community-led scalable initiatives with an open invitation to developers looking for an exciting blockchain project to get involved with from an early stage,” said Sebastien Dupont, Chairman, Archethic Foundation. “This initiative is led by Web3 builders for Web3 builders. With Archethic’s highly scalable blockchain being perfectly primed for real-world use in high-traffic use-cases such as content publication (or website hosting), mailing solutions, we’re very excited to watch this project evolve as crypto and blockchain are finally being adopted into the mainstream.”

Test how to safely store $UCO in the Archethic Mobile Wallet

One of the tools that will be of use for anybody interested in supporting the project (not just developers) is the Archethic Mobile Wallet. The wallet supports transactions of Archethic’s $UCO tokens and is also compatible with NFT transfers on the Archethic testnet.

A GitHub page is available with APKs for downloading a mobile wallet on Android devices. The page also includes a repo for developers to build their own wallets and a beta version of a web app wallet.

The wallet is highly secure, with no funds being lost should the wallet be deleted from a device. A 24-word mnemonic recovery password is all that’s needed to re-access the wallet on any compatible device. Users must make sure to keep their recovery password safely recorded in an offline or analog format for the highest security.

Build a one-page website (any website), explore the network and more

The other three tools are aimed at developers looking to get started building on the Archethic blockchain. In all cases, complete documentation has been provided — usually in both written and video form — to make it easy to learn the ropes.

AEWeb is a tool that helps web developers deploy websites on the blockchain. Boasting a decentralized security layer that is on par with aviation security standards, Archethic is a top choice for deploying a website that is as secure as can be from hacking and all other possible security failures.

A lot of websites get created globally every day where 99% of them are very small, and medium-sized websites, its maintenance, security risks & costs are very high.

AEWeb provides a single solution to all these problems within a fraction of the total cost.

Plus it’s simple to use and saves a lot of time and is secure.

Beacon Chains

The Beacon Explorer is a blockchain explorer that makes it possible to examine the “beacon chains” used to coordinate and synchronize the Archethic network. Archethic uses a unique consensus protocol called ARCH that runs multiple grouped beacon chains in parallel, with each chain being composed of blocks containing a single validated transaction each. The ARCH consensus protocol is what allows Archethic to operate so blazingly fast, capable of processing up to 1 million transactions per second.

Testnet Faucet

Lastly, developers looking to build DApps that interface with UCO will need a way to test their projects. The Archethic testnet comes equipped with a UCO faucet that supplies 100 UCO at a time, strictly for testing purposes. This allows developers to build projects without burning their own funds to validate code. Being a naturally eco-friendly blockchain, Archethic is also cost-efficient, and the UCO faucet is yet another step toward saving resources of all kinds.

The Archethic mainnet beta launched in June of 2021 after four years of research and development aimed at solving limitations and challenges faced by other blockchains. The project aims to disrupt mainstream industries such as retail and finance, giving interested developers ample opportunity to build innovative new technologies with the potential to make a real impact.

About Archethic Public Blockchain:
Archethic is a highly scalable, tamper-proof Blockchain with scalability greater than 1 Million TPS, and a validation time of fewer than 5 seconds. The blockchain has the capacity to handle up to 90% maliciousness, 3.6 billion times less energy consumption than Bitcoin, and 0.1% of the transaction fees.

The platform aims to replace and improve all current applications with a comprehensive and open ecosystem, allowing people to move from the trust imposed by centralized to decentralized systems while keeping identity and privacy under the control of the user.

With Archethic, you can access your identity but no one owns it. The security and threat issues that centralized systems pose helped us realize that self-sovereign identity is needed now more than ever. An Open Source autonomous & Decentralized network in the hands of the world population created by the people, for the people.

Archethic Official Links: