June 18, 2024

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. – Dec. 2, 2020 — With the ByTube 130, Bystronic is introducing a new laser cutting system that offers fabricators and manufacturers an easy entry into tube processing, a growing manufacturing market with a bright future.

With the new ByTube 130 laser cutting system, job shops can now gain access to new customer groups. After all, the fields of application for tubes are very diverse: from the automotive and construction industries right through to furniture, machine, and equipment manufacturers. Exploiting this market potential is critical to success in the metal processing business.

The ByTube 130 is the optimal solution for sheet metal processing companies that want to expand their capabilities. The automated system reduces the need for manual interventions, making entry into the field of tube processing particularly easy. Since 85 percent of the market potential lies in the small tube segment, the ByTube 130 is geared toward the processing of tubes with diameters between 3/8 and 5 inches and workpiece lengths up to 28 feet. The machine has a loading capacity of 11 pounds per foot. Since 2D cutting accounts for 90 percent of the market, the 2D cutting head can process a large number of customer orders.

Fiber laser ensures speed and flexibility

The ability to process a wide range of material types and thicknesses offers users the flexibility required to manage a diverse range of orders. A growing number of fabricators and manufacturers are discovering laser cutting as an alternative to the two separate processes of sawing and drilling. The Fiber laser performs both simultaneously – and considerably faster. Thanks to clean cutting edges, deburring is also a thing of the past.

State-of-the-art sheet metal processing is not possible without high-performance software. The powerful Bystronic ByVision Tube user interface is highly intuitive. Even entry-level users without extensive experience can immediately operate the ByTube 130.

About Bystronic Inc.
Bystronic is a worldwide supplier of high-quality press brakes, laser cutting systems, automation, and software for the economical processing of sheet metal and tubes. Bystronic stands for reliability, high-performance innovation, an outstanding price-performance ratio, and user-friendly operation. The focus is on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the sheet metal cutting and bending process chain. The company’s North American headquarters is located in Elgin, IL. Offices are also located in Toronto, Canada, and Monterrey, Mexico.  For more information on Bystronic Inc., visit www.bystronicusa.com, or to contact by e-mail, sales.us@bystronic.com.