July 15, 2024

Phoenix, AZ, June 25, 2021 -/ExPressrelease UK/- Chaplain Paul Vescio was quoted saying, “From Junky to Jesus is a collection of poems, stories, and writings written by Pastor Shon Karna in 2001 while he was an inmate in an Oregon state prison. Pastor Shon who is now in his 50s is a dear Brother in Christ whom I highly respect and is currently a patient in the healthcare facility where I serve as a Volunteer Community Chaplain. Pastor Shon is a mighty man of God and a shining example of what a true follower of Christ is. Pastor Shon suffers dearly each day and with covid19 policies he was unable to have visits by his loved ones for over a year. Pastor Shon always tells all those he comes in contact with, Jesus Loves you and so do I”

Pastor Shon was quoted saying, “There was a day and a time early in the evening when I was in my prison cell and I literally felt a hand or something pushing my face down to the floor. After that I knew after being already saved in County Jail that the Lord expected and wanted more of me, so I enrolled in classes to get an Associate’s Degree in Christian Counseling. While I was in prison the Lord would give me thought after thought which I knew I had to get on paper and as these thoughts would come and they didn’t come all at once, they would come one every couple of days or so, that over time had accumulated into a collection. Well, I had to go back and see just how many of them I had written and I knew at that point I had to do something which is exactly what I did, I got ahold of a Christian publisher who because I was in prison offered to publish my works for free.

It is therefore my sincere hope and prayer that whoever reads this illuminating Christian book of poems and writings will come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ all for themselves.”

Chaplain Paul was also quoted saying, “Pastor Shon gave me a copy of his writings and we worked together in order to republish his uplifting works on Amazon as an e-book. From Junky to Jesus is FREE to Amazon Prime MembersIt was an absolute honor and a privilege in helping my friend and Brother in Christ to accomplish this project for the glory of God. All the proceeds from the sale of this e-book will be going to Pastor Shon, please keep him and his family in your prayers. Pastor Shon’s book along with a variety of other books are FREE as a PDF file on the Miracles of Kingman website and is FREE to Amazon Prime Members.”

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