June 19, 2024

Singapore, December 21, 2021 -/ExPressRelease UK/- For most of history, games have had no direct link with finance, and players had nothing to do with investors. GameFi has now enabled the connections between them with mechanisms such as playtoearn, which opens up a brand new sector in the market.

PokeMine is a new action card mobile game with Pokémon as its theme. It is the first Pokémon mobile game where players can independently evolve elves and change their appearance. The overall game restores the Pokémon world in depth, adding a variety of rich gameplay such as the classic Pokémon gacha system, Pokémon cultivation system, checkpoint battles, Z move, Pokémon dispatch (mining), and many others. There are also Budokan, Invasion of Mythical Beasts, Daily Trail, Team Hunting, Battle Tower, Champions Road, Budokan Battle, Quartz Assembly, Alliance War, Cross-server PK and many other gameplay varieties available.

A Deeper Look at PokeMine

Pokemon has created a unique NFT mechanism that enables a user’s NFT to no longer just be a work of art but a way to build characters in a game. PokeMine has 4 different colors of Pokemon NFTs, red being the most powerful, followed by orange, then purple, then blue. More powerful Pokemons are relatively rare. Users can upgrade NFTs through PVE, or upgrade Pokemon with equipment. Equipment in the game can increase the Pokemon’s combat power, dispatch time, etc. PokeMine has many features to explore, and more detailed tutorials will be released when the official version is released.

Breaking Down the Pokemon Gaming Model

Pokemon Exploration: Users can explore the levels to obtain rewards and reach higher levels for their Pokemon. Higher levels, better attributes, and stronger skills make the user’s Pokemon more valuable.

Pokemon Dispatch: Players can get rich rewards by dispatching. The longer the dispatch period, the better the quality of the Pokemon, the more lucrative the rewards, such as diamonds. Using the ‘limit Pokemon Dispatch’ will also double the revenue, depending on the actual profit. Each dispatch line accounts for the dispatch time independently, and each dispatch queue has 4 hours of free dispatch time every day. You can increase any dispatch queue’s available time on the same day by using the “Time aquatic” item produced by [Exploration Level].

In addition, the “limited Pokemon” mechanism and sending “limited Pokemon” can provide a certain percentage of dispatch value bonus for this dispatch queue. The higher the quality of the qualified Pokemon, the greater the increase.

Exploring level and Adventure level: Adventure points and exploration points both require stamina, so it is best to use the stamina of adventure levels in the early stages to level up your team, unlock new features, and then improve your Pokemon overall with appropriate experience gains. Players upgrade Pikachu to unlock to multi-adventure levels. Diamonds are consumed at each level. The amount consumed increases with the progress of the level.

Changeable Combat Strategies: Pokemon types are divided into attack, heal, skill, and defense, and each Pokemon can play according to its positioning characteristics, making the entire gaming experience a battle of wit and courage, and full of strategization.

Cultivate Pokemons: There are more skills that players can use in the game to make you invincible, as well as to increase the level of Pokemons, stars, skill levels, and more so that the Pokemons can continue to grow, allowing players to cultivate a unique and powerful Pokemon from scratch.

Equipment: Elf armor can be upgraded to increase stats. Armor attributes are given to corresponding Pokemons, which is the player’s goal.

Pokemon Center (Gacha Center): Pokemon center’s Gacha System is the main way for players to obtain Pokemon and Pokemon shards. The Pokemon are randomly selected, by consuming diamonds or props. And there are rare Pokemon hidden in it, which can make for surprises.

Pokemon Social Interaction: The built-in gaming environment can also be used for real-time interaction, efficient data interaction, and processing capabilities, so that all users’ data can be displayed in real time. Players can exchange ideas and experiences with other players in the “world” at any time, offering users an immersive experience.

How to start playing Pokemon:

  1. Players need to register an account on https://deme.games, then connect their wallets and e-mails.
  2. To download the game, sign in on the official website: https://deme.games/#/home

The Real World Impact of NFTs in Gaming

Besides gameplay, NFTs have more real-world value. NFT items in games are not just items sold on NFT platforms, but they can deal directly on the markets, making the dealing process much easier than in traditional games.

GameFi is one of the ways that can help users understand Metaverse with more clarity. While its beginnings are in the game industry, in the future, it will have a strong impact on more aspects of human civilization, for instance in finance and socialization. It is estimated that in 2021 the global game market will reach profits of $175.8 billion. It is expected that during 2023, the gains will exceed $200 billion. GameFi is at a relatively early stage of development, and it still has enormous growth potential.

The integration of NFT and GameFi has produced a huge impact on gaming and will continue to have both micro and macro effects on business models as well as virtual assets ownership rights.

With the combination of Pokemon and GameFi, PokeMine is without a doubt, the rebirth of the Pokemon world in the real world.

Successful Fundraising and NFT Deployment

PokeMine was officially launched on December 16th, 2021. After completing its first round of $5 million funding on November 16 2021, more functions have been increasingly launched one after another in stages. The first funding round was financed by GMC, Blockchain Ventures, Hayek Capital, YIBI Exchange, YSL Capital, HKD.COM, NKCCapital, and others. The funds are being used for Pokemon’s technology development and team building so as to fund international growth.

Currently, PokeMine NFTs have been deployed on the Heco-chain and Binance Smart Chain based on the ERC-721 token standard. There are two different types of assets in PokeMine: NFTs and PokeMine Diamonds ($PMD). Users can purchase PokeMine NFTs on Treasureland and purchase $PMD from MDEX and ButterSwap and use PMD to get Pokemon NFTs from the Pokemon center in the game.

The project has also made an official announcement to attract influencers for PokeMine. The influencer initiative purports to give influencers the opportunity to join and share in a large portion of the bonuses. Influencers need to promote across Pokemine social platforms, which include: Telegram, Discord and Twitter.

Pokemine is Poised to be a Leading GameFi Offering

Diverse game scenarios and unique gameplay have made Pokemon a high-profile GameFi project. There are plenty of strategies and methods to explore, both in the PvE scenario and future PVP. Better strategization will not only be more fun for the player, it will lead to a higher return on investment. In the aspects of game quality and tokenomics, PokeMine is one of the leading offerings in this market.

No Deme games will be deployed on centralized service clients like Amazon in the future. All Deme games will be deployed on the DEME mainnet node, a system which is completely decentralized. Technically, that is the biggest advantage of Deme.

Journey To Metaverse

In the future, Deme will access Metaverse and empower more Web 3.0 applications. Meanwhile, Deme will support Cross-chain bridge, Multi-chain wallet, NFT trading markets, and Defi assembly kits. It also sorts the utilities of Metaverse, helps users create decentralized identities, and makes it convenient for users to manage Token and NFT assets easily. What’s more, Deme will let users enjoy all kinds of encrypted applications, and build SocialDAO blocks, open up encrypted application communities, and decentralized governance. Deme will build a highly-decentralized Metaverse platform, inspiring the unlimited vision of every gaming and crypto enthusiast to the encrypted world.

PokeMine’s Official Links:
Website: https://deme.games/#/home
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PokemineG
Telegram: https://t.me/PokeMineGameFi
Discord: discord.gg/9QPWk6dwqD
Medium: https://medium.com/@pokeminefi