May 25, 2024

HOUSTON – Dec. 17, 2020 – Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D., is recognized as a leader in the field of Visionetics and Psychocybernetics. He has authored countless academic papers and articles on human behavior and human performance. A great deal of Dr. Wallace’s work centers on redeveloping the self-image or self-concept — literally constructing a future vision based on a new concept of self without limitations.

Some may be unaware that Dr. Wallace has done extensive work in the field of relationship development. His fourth book, When Your House Is Not a Home, is one of his best sellers and is the precursor to his latest contribution, Merging Souls: Healing, Hope & Restoration for Modern Marriages.

When asked what readers could expect from his latest book, Dr. Wallace responded, “a more comprehensive examination of the historical context of marriage. The goal was to take my readers deeper into the nature of marriage — its intent. I have discovered that a common contributor to failed marriages is the presence of unrealistic or unspoken expectations. I want them to be aware of and prepared for the pitfalls before they encounter them.”

When asked how this book differs from his last book on marriage, When Your House Is Not A Home, he replied, “the first book focused on marriage conflict resolution. This book focuses on holistic preparation and engagement within the union. The content will lead couples away from the romanticism of marriage to create a cathexis centered on the practical aspects of marriage.”

Dr. Wallace pointed out that there is something in this book for those who are not yet married but plan to get married. He said, “the ideal situation is to have people prepared for marriage long before they arrive at the altar. Far too many couples enter into the institution of marriage without a lucid perspicacity of what it takes to sustain the marriage. Very few married couples prepare themselves to handle life after the honeymoon stage. Hopefully, Merging Souls will give them a much-needed headstart.

Marriages play such an integral role in stabilizing society. Yet, it has been disregarded by many, while others approach it casually — investing little interest and effort in the development of something meant to be a life-long undertaking.

Dr. Wallace is currently in the midst of his pre-release launch. He is offering Merging Souls; those who wish to preorder their autographed copy of the book can order it on the official site of The Visionetics Institute (

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