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Thermal Enhancements Additives
Thermal Enhancements Additives

Blacksburg, VA, December 19, 2020 – Emisshield Inc.’s new patent, Thermal Enhancements Additives Useful for Fabrics, is a new invention that uniquely adds emissivity agents to enhance the heat properties of fabrics. Originally used for NASA spaceship tiles, these Emisshield materials can be added to fibers, films, and coatings to either keep fabrics warmer longer or to reduce heat buildup by wicking heat away.

“We have done an extensive amount of work on using the science of emissivity to bring performance to active clothing for both winter and summer activities,” commented CEO of Emisshield Inc. John Olver PhD. “The challenges of temperatures in outer space have been solved through using high and low emissivity materials that actively respond to heat. On earth, certain minerals in sand become scalding hot in the sun where other beaches the sand reflects heat without picking up temperature. We use the science of emissivity to engineer how fabrics manage heat.”

Traditional fabrics trap heat the body produces to keep you comfortable and to provide more warmth they add weight or bulk. By adding these unique Emisshield materials into fibers or coatings, these new space age fabrics increase warmth without additional weight or bulk. The additives actively absorb and re radiate heat to keep you warmer longer and manage temperature more efficiently. Testing shows the additional accumulation of heat in treated fabrics versus control fabrics range from 5 to 18 degrees depending on the application.

Trizar® technology has launched products using the Emisshield patented materials to provide high tech solutions for Outerwear, midlayer, baselayer, Denim, and even waterproof breathable films. “The goal of having more warmth without adding weight is attractive to everyone that spends time enjoying the outdoors or commutes to work,” added Brad Poorman CEO of Clean Textile Technology. “We were fascinated by the breadth of application of the technology and just recently had a break through with new yarn and fiber offerings that can double the heat accumulation of a polyester yarn.” FORLOH hunting just launched a “Deep Space” base and midlayer system using Trizar ® Technology.

Beyond winter applications that use high emissivity additives, Trizar® Fabrics also has a separate low emissivity product that reduces heat build up in outdoor activities and in the sun. Trizar® Technology was recently adopted by the Major League Lacrosse teams for all their New Balance® uniforms to reduce heat accumulation out in the sun. “Our patent covers the full spectrum of heat and UV challenges of fabric applications to keep you cooler in the sun,” says Olver. “Low emissivity products are commonly used in sheer films to make Low-E windows for buildings saving energy and keeping buildings cooler.”

Emisshield Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of Emisshield® Coating Systems. Our Coating Systems are formulated with High Emissivity Ceramic Materials that feature heat re-radiation capabilities designed for industrial heat applications over a wide temperature range up to 3,100°F (1700°C). Emisshield’s core technology was originally designed and developed by NASA for the X-33 and X-34 space vehicle missions. Since Emisshield licensed the technology from NASA in 2001 our materials have been enhanced, tested and proven to work around the world in many different intense atmospheres throughout the Hydrocarbon & Chemical, Shelter and Clothing, Iron & Steel and Glass Industries. https://www.emisshield.com

Trizar® technology provides thermal management fabrics for Outdoor, Consumer, Athletic and Home Industries. Products using high emissivity materials have been used by Ski, Snowboard and Hunting companies (Kjus, O’Neill, FORLOH, Levi’s, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Mark’s) to consumers warmer longer. Products using low emissivity additives have been used in athletic and consumer products to keep everyone cooler in the sun (New Balance, Endeavour Athletic, Quiksilver, Nepa, Callaway). https://www.trizartechnology.com

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