June 18, 2024

New York – ING Studio is glad to declare their association with NNS and John James on a progressive undertaking in Colorado. The ING Studios group, with the best ability from around the world, is giving video and sound creation James ace and reasonable designs for a themed multi-modular fascination for the James family.

ING Studios has altered theoretical arranging, carrying restrictive advancements to the planning cycle.

John James and the staff at ING Studio not exclusively accomplished propelled work, however, they foresaw my necessities and had the option to retain and encourage the vision that we have for the turn of events.” James and his group have been engaged with projects at Universal Studios, Six Flags, Disney, NASA, Navy Pier, and numerous others.

Remarking on the cycle to date, John James, chief, stated: “We are satisfied with the advancement and expectation this undertaking will fill in as a model for capacity development, manageability, and positive social effect activities. We anticipate starting development after the allowing cycle is finished are eager to carry all year elite amusement to Colorado, with indoor and open-air attractions and solid network commitment to give admittance to the Dream.”