June 18, 2024
SEO agency Newcastle

SEO of a website for search engines (eng. search engine optimization) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic from search engines to a website through natural (organic or algorithmic) search results. Typically, the better a site is ranked (eg it comes up first in the search results), the more traffic will be redirected from search engines to it. Thanks to SEO, various types of searches can be optimized, including image searches, local searches, and more.

What is SEO?

As an internet marketing strategy, SEO considers the way search engines work as well as the terms people are searching for. Optimizing a website primarily involves changing the content and HTML code that can improve its ranking for specific keywords, and remove obstacles to the indexing of a website’s content by search engines.

The acronym SEO can also stand for people who optimize websites for search. It is a term accepted in the consulting industry for experts who perform optimization of web projects for the benefit of the client. This expert profile can offer optimization as a separate service or as part of a larger marketing campaign. To achieve the effect SEO may require changes to the HTML code of the page, but it can also be incorporated into the web design and development of the page. The term “search engine friendly” can refer to website design, menus, content management systems (CMS) or online stores that can be easily optimized.

For SEO, we can further say that it is how we can adjust the content of the pages when creating a web presence. Also, the internal and external structure of the links should be adjusted, so that they are more accessible to search engine bots and easier for further indexing. Search engine bots are used to scan many web pages in a very short time and categorize them. A web page is indexed by a search engine, Google, Yahoo, Bing, or others when it is viewed and assigned an appropriate position in the search results.

The art and science of understanding how search engines work is at the core of understanding the optimization process, which is why SEO often offers better solutions than other forms of internet marketing. This is where SEO agency Newcastle can help with professional services.

After the latest changes to Google’s algorithm for 2011, the so-called English Panda update, SEO service implies a somewhat wider list of jobs and activities, due to the desire to build as diverse a client’s link profile as possible.

Activities related to SEO can be divided into two basic categories: on-page and off-page.

Onpage SEO means

Comparison of keywords about the competition and their further analysis in the form of detailed reports

  • optimization of meta tags (title, description)
  • arranging tags in the content (alt, title, link titles)
  • optimization of titles and subtitles (H1-H6)
  • creating a robots.txt file
  • creation, registration and renewal of sitemap.xml
  • fixing the internal link structure
  • duplicate content analysis
  • creating “404” pages and “301” redirects as needed
  • using Strong, italic and blockquote tags in the text
  • outbound links to quality sites
  • internal links to the relevant keyword page
  • add video, and infographics to the text to make it more interesting
  • improve page load time below 3 seconds
  • responsive site design
  • buttons for sharing on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Offpage SEO

Offpage SEO is related to building an image and reputation in the internet sky, a very diverse and complete link profile, that is, to the process of SEO outside of its pages and without touching the code. This is one more thing where SEO agency in Newcastle excels and can give you amazing results with backlinking.

Building an image and reputation on the Internet is achieved exclusively through quality content (content marketing). It is no coincidence that some bloggers have gained popularity overnight. They recognized this need and started writing quality product reviews so that they gained a lot of trust from their readers. Some have become real media stars, people follow what they eat, where they exercise, and what kind of wardrobe they wear.

So we can say that content marketing texts have the effect of building trust among readers, which later increases sales of the product that was written about. From this need arose the highly sought-after profession of the copywriter. They have the task of writing quality texts that have an educational, entertaining or informative character. From those texts that are published on different portals, preferably related topics, if you get a link from the text, it is called quality link building.

The keyword from the text should lead to your related site page. These texts must be published on different portals that have good DA (domain authority). If you managed to publish a text on a portal that has a high DA and to interest their visitors, to give them a quality answer to their problems, the text can very easily become viral, i.e. Yes is spreading rapidly through social networks. It is the best way to build Branding and raise the reputation of your site.

White Hat vs Black Hat

SEO techniques, according to some, fall into two broad categories: techniques that search engines recommend as part of the concept of good design, and techniques that search engines disapprove of and whose effects they want to minimize, called spam indexing. Some industry insiders label these methods, as well as those who practice them, as “white” and “black” SEO, that is, they are divided into “white” and “black”. The “whites” strive to create results that will have a long-term effect, while the “blacks” expect that their site will be banned one day after the search engines discover what they are doing.

An SEO tactic, technique, or method is considered white if it fits within the guidelines provided by the search engine and does not involve deception. It should be emphasized, however, that browser guidelines are not a specific set of rules and commandments that a webmaster must follow. White SEO does not only mean following these guidelines, but its main role is to make sure that the content of the site that the search engine indexes and ranks the site on, is the same content that the user will see when he visits the site.

What white SEO means is creating content for users, not search engines, and then making that content easily accessible to spiders, as opposed to trying to game the search engine algorithm, which is the case with black SEO. White SEO is a form of effective marketing, the goal of which is to provide quality content to those who want to see such content.

Black SEO involves the use of means that are not approved by the search engines, and which involve some form of deception. One of the techniques used by black SEO involves hidden text, either in a colour similar to the background colour or in an invisible part of the field, which can be positioned off-screen. The second method means that the user is shown a different page than the one he wanted to visit, depending on whether the user is a human or a browser spider. This technique is used by practitioners of black SEO when they want to make sure that the search engine displays their page, which for various reasons would not be displayed, and the technique is called cloaking.