June 18, 2024
Top Online Platforms For Trading, Stocks, And Crypto Courses

Online trading, stocks, and cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity among retail investors due to an increase in blockchain technologies. With the rise of commission-free trading apps and accessible information, more individuals are taking control of their financial futures by investing and trading. 

However, properly educating yourself is crucial before risking your hard earned money. That’s why trading, stocks, and crypto courses have also seen immense growth. 

Read our guide to find the top online platforms for trading, stocks, and crypto courses in the UK.

Top online platforms for trading, stocks, and crypto courses

Learning new skills and improving financial knowledge it’s the best with good stocks courses. However, before starting a new online course it’s a good idea to take a personality test, to make sure you are an ideal candidate for a certain course or online education.

Know How Academy

Know How Academy represents an online training hub providing stocks courses in UK, crypto trading courses, and trading education. 

For those interested in investing, they offer great programmes on the stock market, Forex and real estate investing. Their courses explore core concepts of shares, futures and options across over 2 hours of on-demand video lessons.

While Know How Academy’s Cryptocurrency Fundamentals course caters more towards novices, they deliver quality foundations. Based on course feedback and ratings, they have 5-star innovative platform.


With over 82 million learners globally, Coursera has become a go-to platform for online education. They offer courses in subjects like technology, business, and investing from leading universities and companies worldwide. 

For trading and investing, Coursera has partnered with reputable brands like Macquarie University and the Indian School of Business to develop beginner to advanced programs covering stocks, Forex, crypto and more.

A key advantage of Coursera is the ability to earn certifications upon completing courses. This provides credibility and trust in the quality of education. 

Based on Coursera’s 2021 Impact Report, 91% of their course completers say they were able to advance their careers after earning a certificate.

Etoro Trading Academy

With over 27 million users globally, Etoro has established itself as a leading social trading and multi-asset brokerage company. 

Besides commission-free stocks and crypto trading, Etoro also offers the Etoro Trading Academy for users looking to improve their trading skills. The video-based courses teach technical and fundamental analysis, exploring economic events, risk management, and more through structured modules.

While the courses focus more on technical aspects, they incorporate elements of psychology and risk appetite when discussing actual trades. 

This results in comprehensive education materials suited for both novice and professional traders. 

According to 2021 reports, Etoro users who engage with the Trading Academy perform better than their peers by an average of 15%.


Udemy is a leading global marketplace for online video education with over 203,000 courses on topics like design, business, technology and more. And you can get it for a cheap price. 

For investing and trading education, they offer thousands of up-to-date programs covering stocks, options, crypto, real estate, Forex and beyond.

A major advantage of Udemy is the wide variety of course formats available from video lectures to downloadable resources. 

This allows you to learn through your preferred method. According to Udemy’s 2021 retention report, 85% of enrolled students complete their selected course, highlighting the engaging and effective education.


Created by Harvard and MIT, edX hosts over 4000 online courses in various subjects from leading global universities and companies. Within investing and trading, edX offers a wide selection of programs covering blockchain, bitcoin, fintech, accounting, financial engineering and more.

The courses strike a balance between theoretical and technical concepts while assessing your progress through assignments. According to edX’s 2022 annual report, 87% of their 34 million learners enhanced their career opportunities through taking programmes and courses.


As an online learning platform focused on creativity, Skillshare contains courses that help beginners enter various industries and fields. 

This includes a growing suite of educational content around trading psychology, mindset, basics of day trading, swing trading, crypto, and NFTs.

While Skillshare’s current investing course selection still has room for improvement in terms of depth, they provide solid foundations for total novices. 

Additionally, course instructors are working professionals, adding valuable context and experience. Based on Skillshare’s internal analytics, their platform sees over 115K hours watched daily across courses.

Is it worth finishing the trading course in 2024?

With new technologies like AI, machine learning, and high-frequency trading advancing how financial markets operate, it is still worth investing time and money into a modern trading course in 2024. Online academy UK platforms like Know How Academy are perfect for investing money and time in upgrading your skills. 

Although foundations like risk management remain relevant, new trends, tools, and assets are emerging that require updated education to trade effectively. Outdated theories from years past won’t cut it anymore. 

By taking a contemporary trading course, you ensure you have applicable knowledge for achieving profits and success in today’s complex, fast-moving markets. Whether new or experienced, traders who refuse to continually expand their skills will almost certainly be left behind. 

The costs of a 2024 programme or certification pale compared to their long-term value of arming you with cutting edge, in-demand pearls of wisdom. 

So allocate both budget and hours into advancing your expertise – the potential profits over years ahead make it a savvy investment.

Final Thoughts

While the world of trading, stocks, and crypto may seem complex for outsiders, taking the appropriate courses can provide structure and confidence. 

Utilising reputable online platforms like Coursera, Etoro, Udemy, Know How Academy, edX and Skillshare allow you to learn from award-winning instructors and field experts. 

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced trader looking to advance your strategy, their comprehensive programs have something for everyone.

Remember that knowledge and risk management are crucial if you aim to find success investing. Use the trading, stocks and crypto courses from these online academies and marketplaces as a solid foundation before risking capital.