June 18, 2024
SAIC Maxus in the UK

If you’re in the market for a new commercial van, the SAIC Maxus range offers some compelling options worth considering. SAIC Maxus vans provide practicality, reliability and value for business users across a variety of industries.

Look at the key benefits of choosing a SAIC Maxus van for your transport needs.

Who is SAIC Maxus?

SAIC Maxus is the commercial vehicle division of Chinese automaker SAIC Motor, one of the largest car companies in the world. Formerly operating under the LDV brand before SAIC’s acquisition in 2010, Maxus has a strong heritage in the van segment dating back decades.

Today, SAIC Maxus produces a wide range of vans, minibuses and MPVs, which are sold globally.

Their lineup of light commercial vehicles is focused on providing practical and dependable transport solutions for businesses.

Is SAIC Maxus available in the UK?

SAIC Maxus vehicles are available in the UK, but they were marketed under the brand name “Maxus.” SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) acquired the rights to the LDV brand, which was a former British van manufacturer, and relaunched it as Saic Maxus UK  in various markets, including the UK.

The Maxus lineup offered a range of commercial vehicles, and they have been positioning themselves in the UK market with electric vans as well, such as the Maxus e Deliver 3 and e Deliver 9.

Where are SAIC Maxus Vans Built?

SAIC Maxus vans are designed and engineered in China, where the company has extensive R&D facilities and manufacturing plants. Quality control is stringent throughout the production process, ensuring consistency across all Saic Maxus UK vehicles.

Localized assembly plants in various international markets allow SAIC Maxus to tailor vehicles to local requirements. Customers can be assured that regardless of where they are purchased, SAIC Maxus vans uphold the same stringent quality standards.

Practical Load Space Across the Range

A key reason to choose a SAIC Maxus van is the practical cargo capacities on offer. Load space ranges from 3.2m3 on smaller city vans like the EV80 up to 17m3 on the large Relay van.

The innovative design maximizes usable space, with features like patented asymmetrical rear door openings allowing easy access from the roadside. Options like crew vans and cab chassis provide versatility for custom conversions.

Robust Construction for Demanding Commercial Use

SAIC Maxus vans are built to cope with intensive daily use. Their robust construction provides durability to withstand frequent loading and unloading. Extended service intervals reduce downtime and maintenance costs over the lifetime of ownership.

Safety is also a priority, with driver-assist technologies and impact protection ensuring worker safety. Features like electronic stability control provide reassurance when carrying large, off-balanced loads.

Powerful Yet Efficient Engine Options

Finding the balance between power and efficiency is important for commercial vans. SAIC Maxus uses high-output diesel engines from proven manufacturers like Iveco to deliver smooth performance even when fully laden. Intelligent Stop/Start technology further enhances fuel efficiency.

For even greater efficiency, the electric eDeliver 3 van provides zero-emissions transport. With a range of over 200 miles from its cutting-edge battery, it can handle urban delivery routes with ease.

Competitive Pricing and Ownership Value

Backed by SAIC’s manufacturing scale, Maxus vans are competitively priced against rival brands. Though affordable to buy, their reliability ensures low running costs and higher residual value. This represents an excellent total cost of ownership over your operational lifespan.

SAIC Maxus also provides a 5-year vehicle warranty for added peace of mind. With quality service support from SAIC’s global dealer network, the vans make a value-driven investment.

Range of Models to Suit All Requirements

The Maxus range offers versatile solutions for business owners, with options spanning small city vans to large panel vans.

The compact EV80 electric van is ideal for the urban transportation of goods and passengers. For larger cargo, the V80 provides up to 5.2m3 capacity and 850kg payload. The mid-size V90 van delivers extra load space of up to 6.4m3.

Larger again, the G10 van can be configured as a cargo or passenger van, with the former offering up to 9.7m3 space. Topping the range is the Maxus Relay, which as a chassis cab can support bespoke box van bodies up to 17m3.

So whether you need a nimble city van or a high-capacity workhorse, there’s a well-suited SAIC Maxus option.

SAIC Maxus vans present an appealing proposition for business owners seeking practicality and value. With robust construction, efficient engines, and competitive pricing, they are purpose-built for the demands of commercial use. By offering excellent capabilities across a versatile range, SAIC Maxus vans are an investment worth considering.