June 23, 2024
How to outsource mobile app development to India

Mobile application development has come a long way over the years. As of 2021, there are millions of apps available across both Android and iOS app stores. It’s estimated that 204 billion apps were downloaded from app stores globally in 2020 alone. 

With mobile experiences now crucial for businesses, developing high-quality apps has become essential. However, building an app from scratch requires time, expertise and costs that many companies cannot afford. 

This is where outsourcing comes in for app developers India.

How to Outsource App Development Company

If you are looking to start an app development project but don’t have an in-house development team, here are a few things to consider when outsourcing to a mobile app development company India.

Check past projects’ portfolio

The first step is to thoroughly research prospective mobile app development companies’ portfolios. 

Reviewing previous projects they have worked on allows you to assess their design knowledge, technical skills and experience in developing similar apps. 

Make sure to check reviews and feedback for these past projects too. Going through a company’s portfolio helps one understand its strengths and validate its expertise.

Look for experience and technical skill

Developing high-quality apps requires technical expertise that many startups and SMEs lack. When outsourcing, choose a company that has experience building apps across various categories for several years. Experience is invaluable as it ensures the developers thoroughly understand the technical challenges. 

They should also have skills with the latest programming languages, SDKs, IDEs etc. This expertise is crucial for developing feature-rich apps within deadlines and budgets.

Check ratings of the app developer agency

Ask the agency for client references and check their rating on platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms etc. 

This provides insights into their work quality, reliability, communication skills, and ability to meet deadlines – all vital when collaborating remotely. 

Top-rated developers in India have honed their processes to ensure seamless collaboration and deliverables.

Determine soft skills

In outsourcing, communication plays a key role. Look for a company where developers are proficient in English and have good client-facing skills. 

They should be able to understand business goals, and requirement gathering and address any project-related queries smoothly. 

Regular demos and status updates help sync expectations. Good soft skills minimize coordination hassles.

Consider service cost

Compared to in-house teams, the average cost of outsourcing mobile app development to India is nearly 60% lower

However, not all agencies offer high quality at low cost. Compare pricing plans of different companies and check what is included – design, development, testing, maintenance etc. Expert developers in India can build high-end apps very cost-effectively.

Why it is essential to outsource mobile app development

Lessen app development times

Building successful apps requires constant updates and iterations based on user behaviour. Outsourcing facilitates quicker development cycles. 

Seasoned developers can build robust, feature-rich apps much faster compared to freshly hired in-house teams having to learn from scratch. 

This accelerates time to market.

Concentrate on user experience

Outsourcing development frees internal resources to focus on strategic tasks like UX design, content writing, marketing etc. that directly impact users. Teams with development agencies can collaboratively optimize the app experience.

Decreases risks

Hiring developers is risky if the business is new or small-scale. Outsourcing eliminates fixed infrastructure and payroll costs. 

If the project scope changes, costs can be easily adjusted compared to in-house teams. This decreases financial risks for startups.

Use state-of-the-art technology

Developers in India constantly upgrade their skills to stay abreast latest technologies. They leverage these to build feature-rich, secure apps cost-effectively. 

For example, introducing AR/VR or advanced ML/AI capabilities in-house requires extensive research but agencies easily provide these using their expertise.

Understand various platforms clearly.

Since the mobile landscape evolves rapidly, it’s difficult for early-stage startups to stay updated on multiple platforms. 

Agencies specializing exclusively in mobile app development possess in-depth knowledge across iOS, Android, Hybrid frameworks etc. navigating technical intricacies better.


Outsourcing app development to India enables focusing on core businesses while reliably developing high-quality, full-functioning apps within cost and time estimates. 

Carefully evaluating technical and soft skills, past work experience, security practices, costs etc of mobile app development company in India helps ascertain the right partner to successfully launch your mobile strategy. 

Outsourcing remains the most viable route for startups and SMEs to build robust, user-centric apps cost-effectively.