June 18, 2024
A guide to choosing different types of Handicare stairlift

Do you need a stairlift?

Before going into detail on the different types in the Handicare stairlift range, let’s try to understand together if a stairlift is really what you need and the product you want.

First of all, there are other options before considering buying a Handicare stairlift, such as moving or adapting the house to your own needs. 

If you decide to move, you will have the opportunity to find the ideal home for your needs, depending on market availability. We recommend looking for a single-storey house to avoid any architectural barriers.

If you don’t feel like moving after so many years in the same place, you can also think about adapting your house to the new needs that have arisen in recent years.

An idea, for example, could be to arrange the bathroom and the bedroom in such a way as to make the small daily actions more comfortable and easier. And above all, more secure.

Have you selected the installation of a stairlift? It is a quick and easy solution to overcome architectural obstacles and easily reach all floors of your home.

A guide to choosing different types of Handicare stairlift

Yes, I need stairlifts!

Now that you have decided that a stairlift is a solution that best meets your expectations, who should you contact to find out more?

Do you know anyone who already owns a stairlift? Good. Do you know anyone who has a Handicare stairlift? Great! Why not see and try? You can then ask them what the benefits are and how they found them. They could surely give you an objective opinion, will be able to answer your first practical questions and advise you on those to ask the sellers to obtain a complete picture of the situation.

You are now convinced that you need a stairlift. Now the question is, what type of stairlift?

Types of Handicare stairlifts

Here we are! A stairlift is a fixed system that allows people with fatigue or knee problems to go up and down stairs comfortably and safely.

Convenient, just sit on the chair and operate the joystick or press the remote control to reach the upper or lower floors of your home. 

Of course, by fastening your seat belt, you will feel protected. In addition, if the stairlift encounters obstacles along the route, it will automatically stop thanks to the safety sensors. 

Handicare stairlift

And, in the event of a power outage, the stairlift continues its course without interruption and takes you to the level of the floor you want thanks to its batteries.

A range of stairlifts is in different types of colours and seats. Let’s look at them in more detail:

Straight stairlift

Several models for straight stairs, the most innovative being Handicare 1100 stairlift. Think it has no rack and is the thinnest on the market. It takes up less space than other stairlifts and, thanks to the absence of grease, it will be easier to clean. The elegant style armchair makes your stairlift suitable for any type of furniture.

We also have other models like Handicare 1000, Handicare 2000 and Handicare 950+. 1000XXL model is interesting for overweight people. It can reach a capacity of 160 Kg. It is equipped with a PIV two-way automatic, a wider seat and a longer seat belt than the others.

Curved stairlift or Freecurved

 Stairs often have bends, as we all know. For this reason, Handicare manufactures two types of curved stairlifts: Monorails and Double-rails. 

The differences between these two stairlifts are numerous, starting with the rail. In the first case, the stairlift has a single tube-shaped rail, while the second has two, also in the form of tubes. Then the armchairs are different depending on the design.

Handicare Monorail is a very useful option for those who have difficulty getting up and sitting down from their chair: the active seat. It is a stairlift lifting system that will accompany you when you want to get up or sit down (much like lift chairs).

Remember that being an option, you can also decide to insert it later on your stairlift, in case there is a need in the future.

Perche stairlift

This small armchair is particularly suitable for those who have difficulty bending their knees. 

This will allow you to stand on the stairlift in a semi-upright position and avoid having to suffer from bending your knees while sitting. It is available in different colours (for straight and curved stairs)!

Stairlift, new or used?

Is it better to buy a new stairlift or a used stairlift? In this article, we give you some tips. It is not an easy choice, surely a used stairlift has its advantages, and of course a lower price. However, consider that the stairlift will probably not fit your stairs perfectly and will not be covered by the guarantee. This can cause problems if you need help.