April 21, 2024
Tip for roulette 100% winning strategy

Have you ever wondered if there is truly a foolproof way to win online roulette every single time? There are some rumours on the forums that a 100% winning strategy exists. Let’s see and check the 100% success rate of winning at the casino game of roulette. While nothing is ever guaranteed in gambling, following this method closely may help improve your chances of coming out on top.

Understanding the basics of roulette

Before diving into the strategy, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how roulette works. Roulette is a casino game where players can bet on either single numbers, combinations of numbers, colours, odds/evens, and columns on a spinning roulette wheel. 

The croupier spins the roulette wheel in one direction and simultaneously spins a ball in the opposite direction around a circular outer rim of the wheel. As the wheel loses momentum, the ball eventually falls onto a winning numbered pocket on the wheel.

In a physical casino, roulette games typically use a single zero wheel (0, 00) which gives the house a higher edge of around 2.7%. However, when playing roulette 온라인 such as at 로즈카지노, some virtual variations use a double zero wheel (0, 00, 000) which increases the house edge to around 5%. It’s important to be aware of the type of wheel being used as it can significantly impact your long term chances of winning.

The supposed 100% winning roulette strategy

Now let’s get into the specifics of this so-called 100% foolproof roulette strategy. The premise is quite simple – you make very specific types of bets using a set betting progression following wins and losses. It goes like this:

Testing the strategy

To see if this strategy holds any merit, let’s run through a simulation of 100 spins adhering to its rules. I will assume we are using a standard single zero French roulette wheel with odds of:

Results and analysis

After simulating 100 spins following the strategy’s betting progression rules, here are the results:

  • Total number of wins: 41
  • Total number of losses: 59
  • Final bankroll: $970
  • Percentage profit from initial $1000: -3%

While the strategy did manage to eke out a small profit over this sample size, it is clear the odds are still heavily stacked against the player. A 3% profit after 100 spins is far too small to reliably cover the house edge of 2.7% over thousands of spins in the long run. 

The hits of winning big mean nothing without controlling for the frequency of losses, which greatly outweigh wins according to probability.

Compared to the basic strategy

As a point of comparison, let’s look at what the results would look like following the most basic correct roulette strategy of simply betting $1 per spin evenly across all numbers. 

Over 100 spins, the statistical odds say we should expect to win once every 38 spins on average. The results:

  • Total number of wins: 26
  • Total number of losses: 74
  • Final bankroll: $952
  • Percentage loss from initial $1000: -4.8%

While a slightly higher percentage loss, the inherent house edge is accurately represented here without any crazy fluctuations up or down. 

In the long run of thousands and thousands of spins, a 4.8% loss is what we should expect based on the built-in house advantage.

Verdict and Conclusion

In summary, there is no real evidence to suggest this 100% winning roulette strategy holds any statistical advantage over the house in the long term. The initial wins inflict a cognitive bias that obscures the unprofitable frequency of losses according to probability. Adhering to superstitious strategies does not allow you to overcome the inherent house edge on games of chance like roulette where the outcome is purely random.

For players hoping to enjoy roulette over many sessions, the only reliable approach is responsible betting according to the true odds and limits, with an acceptance that losses will occur more regularly than wins. Overall, my recommendation would be to avoid so-called “foolproof” roulette strategies claiming sky-high returns. But by all means, feel free to test them out for yourself first before coming to your conclusions! Happy spinning and good luck at the virtual tables of 로즈카지노.


Can this strategy work 100% of the time?

No, no strategy can overcome the inherent statistical house edge built into games of chance like roulette. While short term luck can make strategies appear to work, the long term odds will always favour the casino.

How much money do I need to start using this strategy?

The post recommends starting with a $1000 bankroll. However, consider starting with much less as losses are highly possible according to probability, especially with more volatile betting progression systems.

Where is the best place to try this strategy?

I’d recommend playing at a reputable virtual casino like 로즈카지노 instead of a physical casino, as you can simulate strategies more affordably online. But understand the house edge remains no matter where you play.

What if I lose money using this strategy – am I doing something wrong?

Losing money does not necessarily mean you are doing anything wrong, as probability dictates losses will occur frequently no matter what with roulette. However, losing sustainably indicates the strategy is likely not profitable long term against the inherent house advantage.

How often should I check my results if trying this strategy?

The only reliable way to evaluate a strategy is over thousands of spins to smooth out variance. Checking results after just a few sessions could produce distorted results influenced more by luck than the true odds. Patience and disciplined testing over extensive periods is recommended.