July 15, 2024

Due in large part to its stunning, yacht-friendly coastline, Montenegro is finally emerging from the shadow of Eastern Europe’s Communist chokehold and re-establishing itself as a destination for the international jet set. It’s no wonder developers flock here to build new luxury complexes that take advantage of the view from every house, apartment, and jetty. Montenegro Travel Guide is about where to stay, things to do in Montenegro, and where to buy if you want to make it a semi-permanent getaway.

Where to Stay in Montenegro

There are a number of five-star hotels being built on the coast-a Rosewood near Budvar and a Ritz Carlton near Lustica Peninsula, for example-but, there are already two excellent options.

Sadly, the Aman on Sveti Stefan, the island it occupies, is currently shuttered, a pity considering that Sophie Loren and Elizabeth Taylor were both guests there during the dolce vita heyday of the 1960s. There is currently a nasty spat between the owner and island residents over beach access, so when –or, as some belief, if — the resort reopens, expect the ill will to linger.


This city is characterized by harmony between traditional and modern architectural styles and the connection between the old and the new, which can be explored and experienced in many different ways. We recommend visiting Montenegro’s capital and its rich cultural heritage and the archaeological sites of Doclea and Medun and Stara Varos. Learn more about what things to do in Podgorica during your stay.