July 15, 2024
The Best things to do in Montenegro

Montenegro is a unique country that can be completely diverse at distances of only a few tens of kilometres. There are beautiful sandy beaches, rocky hills, lakes, desert areas and olive groves. This makes Montenegro a very attractive holiday destination, which attracts a lot of travellers. Here are the best things to do in Montenegro.

Best Things To Do In Montenegro

For the best experience and easy move around, it’s highly recommended to hiring a car in Montenegro. Montenegro it is car car-friendly country, with good roads and cheap tolls. 

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Old Bar

The Old Bar is a place that is considered one of the most beautiful in the whole country, but also in the Balkans in general. Because of the typical tourist beaches, it is not a particularly noisy and crowded place. The old town attracts with its unique atmosphere and architecture. One of the streets leading from the old town is completely stone. At the very beginning, there is a well, and then it leads to the fortress. The ruins of the castle are the biggest attraction of Old Bar. The fortress is surrounded by mountains on all sides, and it is worth staying here during sunset because the view is incredible.


Cetinje is a town that has not yet been completely dominated by the tourist industry. Here you can feel the real atmosphere and nature of Montenegro. There is a mausoleum of Daniel I on the Eagle Rock. After climbing to the top, you can admire the beautiful panorama of the entire city. It is an ideal place to spend an afternoon for people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the most popular tourist cities. It is worth spending a moment in this city and talking with the inhabitants, who will introduce us to the history and daily life of Montenegro.


Kotor is one of the most interesting attractions in Montenegro, which has a special atmosphere in the evening hours. The old town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and attracts many visitors. The attractions are narrow streets, beautiful and colourful flowers on the windows, small stone churches, charming cafés and cats everywhere. The Fortress of St. Ivan, is a very interesting and historical monument. Kotor is located among mountains and unique nature, thanks to which the views and surroundings are incredible.


Budva, which many call the pearl of the Adriatic Sea, is one of the biggest competitions for Croatian Dubrovnik. Budva is a very popular place among tourists looking for numerous attractions in the form of restaurants, but also for those who want to relax surrounded by charming and atmospheric streets and views. Many churches in Budva attract interested tourists from all over the world. In the evening, Budva begins to bustle with life and offers numerous attractions in the form of clubs and places with music, which are especially attractive for young tourists visiting the city.


Ulcinj is a city quite different from the previous ones, the vast majority of which are Albanians. The city is significantly different from other cities because the buildings are characterized by much more chaos in architecture.

Long Beach near Ulcinj

Long Beach its name comes from its size, which is 13 kilometers long, making it by far the longest beach. It is located in the city of Ulcinj and is its biggest tourist attraction. Huge crowds of people come to the beach every day. Despite the large number of tourists, everyone will find a piece of space and be able to spend a nice, sunny day there. Along the beach, numerous stands are also a kind of attraction.

Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi a culinary attraction for even the most demanding people looking for unique tastes. The whole city has a unique atmosphere, and here you can spend a pleasant evening in an open-air cinema. However, by far the best and biggest attraction of the city is the regional food at very affordable prices, which allows everyone to take advantage of the gastronomic offer.

Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula, part of which belongs to Montenegro and part to Albania. The lake is an attraction that attracts people who want a slightly different vacation than by the sea. Skadar Lake offers an active holiday and the use of numerous water sports, such as sailing, kayaking or even swimming.

At the deepest point, the water can be up to 10 meters deep. On the surface of the lake there are small islands with beautiful monasteries, as well as unique species of birds such as pelicans, which appear in very few places in Europe.